Alfastreet to take new releases to G2E

United States 22 Sep 2016

(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Before G2E 2016 opening, Soloazar spoke in exclusive with Alexander Rodriguez Illera, Alfastreet Colombia Director, about participation of the company at Las Vegas show, to be held from 27 to 29 September.

What are you showcasing during G2E 2016?

Alfastreet always takes the G2E event its new releases and present its latest developments. This year will not be the exception. There are two surprises for the visitors, oneh is the new roulette with 8 positions, our Lucky 8, completely renovated and with a different, modern and compact design that adapts more versatility to the tightest spaces of some rooms because of its rounded shape. Besides it comes with a friendly platform. The other is the Alfastreet Multigame IQ, our launch of multiplay slot machine, where we hope to reach a market that has asked us for a long time the presence of a slot with quality standards worldwide known. We have a new version of the ROYAL DERBY, called Ellipse, which brings a more compact and modern dome.

What are your expectations for this year’s G2E show?

We have great expectations for G2E, especially in markets like Argentina that have opened up significantly, United States where we are doing a great job of marketing, and the Latin American market in general are always public that use these events to close business. The surprise of the fair will be at the launch of the Lucky 8 Roulette, which have not posted images and customers have lot of expectation of this novelty.

How do you see the current market?

There are always markets dotting more vigorously than others, depending on their internal circumstances, which took the opportunity to have an active business portfolio throughout the year. In South America we are having a great acceptance in response to the quality of the products we offer.

What balance can make the company for these 9 months of the year?

Positive results in any business is a result of dedicated work, professionalism of each member of a brand, the right financial decisions and the excellent quality of products made by any company. Alfastreet is an example of this, and success year after year has been a constant invariable for our brand. 2016 has been a great year, with significant increases in sales and significant growth in the market leader position.

What is your personal opinion about the importance of being present in G2E?

G2E is a world leader and the most important in America. Along with London ICE the eyes of the directors of the gaming industry are stolen, so it is very important for industry suppliers to be present, to have contact with customers and friends, and make product launches successfully and sound, thanks to the strong presence of the media, we work hand in hand to a remarkable success.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive