“JCM asks ‘What if…’”

United States 14 Oct 2016

(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive).- During G2E 2016, Soloazar interview with Eduardo Rozen, JCM Global Sales Manager for Latin America, who presented the new motto of the firm: "What if...".

"This year at G2E we have many new features. JCM asked the question "What if ..."and from that question the company has made several business lines and one of them is JCM Media, in which we sell a wide range of digital displays, including content creation. We have also created new software integration, called FUZION, so that from the slot machine , there is the potential to play the lottery, sports betting, insert multiple currencies, receive promotional couponing from across the operation all using the same credit machine. The idea of "What if" is unlimited. Our philosophy is to sit down with the customer and ask: What do you like to do with your business?," Rozen said.

2016 was a good year from JCM, and became even better as the year progressed For the end of the year, Rozen has high expectations: "We are taking some of these products to SAGSE Buenos Aires to share our new technologies with our people in South America, and help customers see that JCM is not a company that only sells acceptors, wallets or printers --we have a whole range of innovative products to help our customers make really connections with their patrons.

With the imminent opening of a new market in the region, Brazil, JCM Global Latin America Sales Manager gave his opinion: "We are excited about the potential in the Brazil market, and the company is very positive about it. It appears that the government is in favor of bringing gaming to Brazil, however we understand that these types of things can take time until everything starts to work."


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive