RCT Gaming expects the opening of the Brazilian market

Brazil 14 Nov 2016

(Brazil).- With more than 22 years dedicated to the manufacture and development of video-bingo game and reels, RCT Gaming has presence in the most important markets of the whole American continent.

The company, based in the interior of São Paulo, began its road in Rio de Janeiro, where it installed the first machines, then expanding to the rest of Brazil. A few years later, in 1995, it installed its first machines in Colombia beginning its international expansion. Today, RCT Gaming has subsidiaries in Peru, Mexico and the United States; and machines installed in all markets of the continent.

Today the RCT Gaming games are side by side with those of large worldwide companies and works interconnected online with any SAS compatible protocol and are available to run on cashless or TITO systems. In addition, the products already have the homologation of the international laboratory of BMM and are already in the final phase of certification in the laboratory GLI Las Vegas.

As for the early opening of the Brazilian market, RCT Gaming has very positive expectations. It experience in the national market is very wide and they hope to be able to offer machines with games for the whole range of operation within Brazil, in bingos, casinos and BR1 machines.

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