We strengthen the contact with our clients at Fer-Interazar

Spain 11 Abr 2017

(Spain, SoloAzar Exclusive).- After a while without being present, Density Network participated again in Fer-Interazar, the trade show of the sector that was held in Madrid from 28 to 30 March. There, SoloAzar spoke exclusively with its Executive Director, Eloy Fructuoso. "We are enhancing everything that is the area of Europe," he said.

"Our presence at the Interazar fair is mainly to strengthen the contact with the customers of the national territory, most operators with whom we are working today and somehow we get together in the same space. I would say that instead of introducing our product, which is well known by the sector, we are here to reactivate the contact with the personnel of the North, the South and the islands, which is more complicated to be able to meet daily," Fructuoso said.

About the trade show, the Density Network executive was very happy to meet with the main operators of Spain touring the place: "There has been a very big boom in Spain lately with the theme of salons, there are more and more projects to open salons with few machines and our product is very suitable for this type of environment. So, seeing the operators here is very good because it means that they intend to go ahead with their projects."

The Spanish market is the one of origin for Density Network. Although Fructuoso considers that for a while they did not put much emphasis on the market, now it has recovered importance: "We are strengthening everything that is the zone of Europe. When we started, after introducing ourselves in Spain, we had to go to Latin America to open the market. Now in Spain we have a very important expansion, with halls in practically all the main cities of the country connected with our wireless solution", he said.

As for the objectives for this year, Density Network aspires to a wide range of countries: "We are in the middle of a development of new products, including a new strategy to expand our offer catalog. The objectives of this year are: to establish and consolidate this deployment in all that is the zone of Europe and the north of Africa, and to continue with the expansion in Latin America from our central in Mexico. Another of the interesting points and is the great handicap for how complicated is access to the market is the North American market”.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive