Red Rake Gaming was present for the first time at Fer-Interazar

Spain 13 Abr 2017

(Spain, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- Red Rake Gaming was present for the first time at the International Game and Gambling Trade Show, in Madrid, where it exhibited its online casino games and its next launch: Wildcano, the first slot with circular reels on the market. There, SoloAzar spoke exclusively with Carlos Fernández Aguilar, Director of business development of the firm.

Red Rake Gaming is primarily a provider of online casino games. For many years they have been operating themselves in the social game and for less than two years they have also dedicated themselves to providing licensed real money casinos. "We have come to the trade show in Madrid to present our next launches in games and also to present a machine type B, which in Spain we can use in salons and bars, which will commercialize Recreativos Thader and that will have our online games," the executive said.

Wildcano is a slot with circular reels instead of vertical, has 8 paylines, 3 reels and is the first circular wheel of the market.

As for its first participation in the show in Madrid, Fernández Aguilar commented: "We did not know it but it surprised us a lot as regards exhibitors, size of the stands and visitors is being very interesting. It has much scope, much more than we thought and we are very happy. "

As for the online market in Spain, the executive believes that there is a lot of growth potential for companies like Red Rake Gaming "because the big operators and who have been here for many years are companies that use their own technology, which do not have many different providers of games. So I think there is a lot of growth. And at the level of physical play we have little experience, but we think it´s a good time to enter because, while there are many companies coming from outside, small operators are looking for alternatives to big companies and we think that we have an interesting gap there,” he said.

For the rest of the year, Red Rake Gaming has several goals for its different areas: "From the product point of view, we want to increase our catalog of games in HTML5. We already have ten games in html5 and each month we are taking one or two more. At the online level, we want to obtain the license of Malta Type 4 to be able to access to a lot of operators that operate from there with that type of license and that it reaches many markets. And on a physical level, we will see how the machine works and we will continue to create games," Carlos Fernández Aguilar concluded.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive