This year 2017 is going to be the best year in Zitro s history

Spain 17 Abr 2017

(Spain, Exclusive SoloAzar) .- Following the completion of the last edition of Fer-Interazar, in Madrid, SoloAzar interviewed Johnny Ortiz, president of Zitro. "For us it was a special show because this year we celebrate our tenth anniversary, and we are happy and grateful to be able to say that we have received customers and friends from all over Spain," he said.

What did you present at this edition of the show?

At the Madrid show we have presented a vast catalog of Video Bingo games, up to 20 new titles designed so that the Spanish operator can renew the commercial attractiveness of its rooms. We have also introduced the Zitro Partnership Program, or ZPP, which includes the provision of Big Time promotional systems, which, thanks to their total flexibility, allow the operator to maximize its operation when scheduling promotions in Days and slots that need.

We also introduce our new brand of Bryke video rollers, with its Pick&Win series of multi-games, which are already having very good results in those halls in the international markets where they are operating, and which has been very well received, as well as Range of BET Electronic Bingo that we have now turned into an extremely flexible room bingo management product that can be adapted to the type of bingo that the regulation allows in each Autonomous Community, whether room bingo, dynamic bingo, interconnected or electronic .

Finally, we have presented the new games of Zitro Interactive, which continues to increase its catalog for online gaming operators.

What was the product that stood out?

Our customers were very surprised by the never seen, extensive catalog of new video games bingo and promotional systems for the Spanish market, but, due to its novelty in the market, without a doubt, it was the Bryke Video Rollers that had a reception More spectacular. We always think that Bryke would have an important space in Spain in the market, especially when there are several communities where new regulations are put in place that give a special boost to the video roll machines, but we never imagined such an enthusiastic welcome. Certainly at the fair we could confirm how the possibilities of expansion provided by Bryke in Spain are very remarkable.

What response did you get from the visitors?

For us it was a special show as we celebrated our tenth anniversary this year and we are happy and grateful to be able to say that we have received clients and friends from all over Spain and that, all of them, have responded in an extremely positive way that they have supported with an important list of orders.

In company experience, how did you see the show this year?

It has been three very happy days, which have made those who work in Zitro to feel proud of our company, excited and more willing than ever to continue making a company committed to the success of its customers.

Without a doubt, this trade show is consolidating more and more within the indispensable shows in the international panorama, and we are observing as suppliers from other countries are being incorporated, or are evaluating to participate in future editions. We believe that this is a very positive sign both for the Spanish market, to have at their disposal a greater supply of products and solutions that will make the gambling establishments become more sophisticated, as, in general, for the national gaming industry that needs to open up more to Spanish society and explain the benefits that the game brings as an industry. That the fair has more impact at the international level will help in this regard.

What are the plans and objectives for this 2017?

This year 2017 is going to be the best year in Zitro´s history. A year in which we have prepared multiple surprises in the form of new products and that we have been unveiling since the beginning of the year. We started in London with the Bryke Pick & Win Video Roller machines, and we continue at the Madrid Fair with our 20 new bingo games, Bryke for salons in Spain and the range of BET Bingo systems. But this is only the beginning, and at our annual event, Zitro Experience, to be held in Mexico City on June 28, we will present a new range of impressive product that will allow us to take a huge step towards our commitment to Make Zitro a global leader.

How do you see the gambling market in Spain? And in the rest of Europe?

Spain is a well regulated market, although there are possibilities of improvement in the elimination of technical and economic barriers resulting from the existence of different regulatory frameworks. Europe is also a regulatory and culturally fragmented market, which demands from the manufacturers a great commitment and the dedication of important resources to be able to attend so much and diversity of all kinds. Even so, both Spain and Europe in general, provide manufacturers with stability and predictability, values that, in the convulsive times that other continents live, are even more important than profitability.

How do economic crises affect the gaming market?

There is a popular myth that says that in times of crisis people play more. Well, it is not true. Gambling, like any other economic activity, grows with well-being and suffers from crises.

The online game is growing, both in Spain and in the rest of the world. How does this affect physical gambling halls?

At Zitro we have been supplying gaming machines to bingo and casinos for many years, and we are also present in the online world through our Zitro Interactive division. We believe that the face-to-face channel and the online channel are complementary distribution channels. In fact, Zitro is working on tools that combine both worlds, such as the mobile application Buscapremios, an online application for mobile, which allows the player to find the prizes of Zitro in the physical rooms. At Zitro our responsibility is to work to provide the best solutions, both for physical rooms, for online, as for the combination of both, but, of course, it is up to operators to evaluate how to take advantage of both channels.


fuente: SoloAzar / Press Released