Ed Roberts Underlines the Importance of Juegos Miami

Argentina 17 Abr 2017

(Argentina).- Argentina-based Ed Roberts has become the first indigenous Latin American company to book stand space at Juegos Miami (May 31 - 2 June, The Biltmore, Miami). The manufacturer, distributor and operator of equipment for both the bricks-and-mortar and online casino sectors is active in countries including Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean.

Ed Roberts welcomes the introduction of a professional and well run event dedicated to the development of the Pan Latin American and Caribbean industry. He explained: “In my opinion, events such as Juegos Miami are essential for the development of business and for the industry at large. They allow the presentation of new products, to make contacts with new potential clients and to reaffirm current relationships. The possibility of exposing the products and performing the demonstrations in person is an added value for both the client and for us.”

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fuente: SoloAzar / Press Released