Spanish operators became interested in Merkur Dosniha products at Fer-Interazar

Spain 18 Abr 2017

(Spain, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- Yolanda Barqueros Blanco, Deputy Director of Merkur Dosniha, spoke exclusively with SoloAzar during the last edition of Fer-Interazar, where they exhibited new products for the Spanish market. "This last year we have increased considerably the market share, which is what truly reflects our product introduction throughout Spain," she said.

In the last edition of Fer-Interazar, Merkur Dosnha presented several products, including its flagship product: the M-Box model featuring two HD screens and a 20-pack games. In this respect, the great advantage is that in addition to having new games, it brings together the best games of previous models: Merkur Magic I, Merkur Magic II and Merkur Magic III. In addition, it has both slant top and upright designs and its jackpot is the Golden Nugget.

In terms of salons, Merkur Dosniha exhibited the new Interblock roulettes, MiniStar, a machine designed especially for salons with the same software, but with smaller dimensions and a more affordable price. In addition, taking into account the salons that are being expanded in Spain, the firm took to the trade show the Diamond roulette, to which you can add complements and that stands out because it has the three types of payment methods and recyclers: TITO, Wallet and Hopper.

At the bar level machines, the company exhibited Merkur Multi and Rey de la Suerte. And at the casino level, they have brought the Evostar machines to the fair, a product they will begin to introduce in the Spanish market.

As far as the realization of the Madrid show every two years, Barqueros Blanco was very positive since it considers that it is a good opportunity: "The customer is more happy because in two years it gives us time to take novelties. If the shows are so followed, you present the same product. That´s the big difference from having the fair every two years or having it once a year, which gives you time to get products."

Merkur Dosniha received at its booth operators from all over Spain, who were very interested in the products offered by the firm. "This last year we have increased considerably the market share, which is what truly reflects our product introduction throughout Spain. We are very satisfied," the executive said.

Regarding the objectives of this year, Merkur Dosniha will be distributing the M-Box to the clients, after receiving the homologation in all the Autonomous Communities, which is expected soon.

"We have a model, which is the Merkur Magic I, which is becoming outdated as we launch the following models. That´s why we launched a kit for our customers with new games for that machine, to re-activate it," the executive concluded.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive