Interprod presented Ticket Games in Juegos Miami

United States 09 Jun 2017

(Exclusive SoloAzar, Miami).- Antonio Raul Rao Ferrari, Interprod Commercial Manager, was interviewed by SoloAzar during Juegos Miami. He spoke about Ticket Games, a specific system for lottery games.

“Ticket Games is an automation system for scratch games,” explained Rao Ferrari, who added that this system is specific for lottery games and enables a better use of the funds, usually allocated to the distribution, market and advertising expenses, to overturn them to prizes.

He then added that Interprod invented the system and has the patent, and that this product is totally developed in Argentina, as well as the design of the games included. Anyway, Lao Ferrari added that the system enables to include existing games from other lotteries.

“We decided to generate the possibility that every coupon is a possible winner. It is something very attractive for the player.”

When consulted about Juegos Miami, he said that last year he had a very positive experience focused on specific regulators and operators, and above all, specific round tables. “Those round tables, which this year have not been performed, allowed a direct conversation with the regulator in order to show him a product,” he affirmed.
When commenting about the product features, he said: “It has a positive public acceptance but, as it is such a revolutionary product, operators have to consider how to implement it,” Rao Ferrari said, and added that gaming labs have certified it as an integration of three norms, comprising casino machines, server-based games and pull tabs or scratch, because this product is a combination of the three.

One of the goals for the current year is to continue with its expansion in Ecuador, and in Entre Rios and Misiones (in Argentina) as well as to explore some new markets. “At the end of 2017 we should be delivering 2,500 terminals, so we are focused on complying with our compromises,” he assured.

With regard to Miami market, he said the following: ”In US there is a big market, not just in Miami. However, you have to consider their regulations and their idiosyncrasy, and, as such. you have to keep specific regulations in order to achieve the acceptance of a specific product.”

Considering the relationship between online gaming and traditional gaming, Rao Ferrari affirmed that traditional gaming has lost the ability to attract new customers, and, on the other hand, online gaming attracts a new generation that lives online. “However, the gaming offer has to mature and to achieve a more specific development, targeting to a greater interaction with a new public.”

To conclude, he said that the interactive gaming implemented by Interprod attracts younger people, and he explained that people that entered to the gambling hall to make a bet and then left, now stays a little bit longer, Rao Ferrari concluded.


fuente: Exclusivo SoloAzar