Gaming Group exhibited at Garibbean Gaming Show, targets Caribbean market

Jamaica 16 Jun 2017

(Exclusive SoloAzar, Jamaica).- On Caribbean Gaming Show, which concluded yesterday in Jamaica, SoloAzar interviewed Carlos Obsen, Gaming Group Manager, who talked about the company created in Peru, and assisted to the show with the aim to showcase its products in the Caribbean market.

Gaming Group commercializes parts and pieces, and refurbished slots. “At this Caribbean Gaming Show we have brought a display of our stock in order to show the Jamaican and Caribbean operators an alternative to incorporate at their gambling halls a second-hand machine, which is more affordable but has a similar performance. At first, they can choose for an alternative like that, of they consider it pertinent, and in the future they can talk directly to the manufacturers,” Obsen said.

He then talked about new machines and refurbished ones. “The difference is considerable and depends of the decision taken by the operator. Our aim is to introduce them this offer. We have come for the first time. We are not aware of the complete situation of the market, but we are optimistic and we think we can participate in it,” he added.

“In Jamaica there are several formal casinos with an interesting mix of machines, which is different from other more developed markets. I also understand that there is another regulated market with basic gambling halls, and I want to get to know it,” he assured.

At a regulatory level, he affirmed that Jamaica is a well regulated market, in which rules have to be respected in order to participate seriously.
Obsen said he had a positive experience at the show. “The talks had a lot of public and participation. Besides, the first day of the show was a bit slow but the second day always has more public,” he assured.

With regard to the growth of online gambling, he said the following: “I think it will affect traditional gaming because the resources are the same, however, the interesting part is that the world evolves towards digitalization, and we can’t stop it. In the future every activity will be online,” he concluded.


fuente: Exclusive SoloAzar