Clarion Events Brazil Director talks about the activities at recent BgC

29 Jun 2017

(Exclusive SoloAzar, Brazil).- Sergio Jardim, Clarion Events Brazil General Director, the organizing company of Brazilian Gaming Congress, talked to SoloAzar about the recent edition of the congress in the City of Sao Paulo, and the debate on gaming legislation in the country.

“The conference has the aim to bring the latest news to operators, regulators and executives about the Congress in Brazilia. It was very important and useful for us to present representatives from the Federal Chamber, who commented step by step the gaming legalization process in Brazil,” Jardim said.

Evaluating the activities at the event, Jardim affirmed: “The feedback from sponsors and exhibitors was excellent, because they had the chance to talk with the main people on the market.”

When consulted about the reason to organize the series of conferences in the country, Jardim answered that Brazil is one of the only three countries from G20 that do not have regulated gambling. “The other two countries are Islamic, so gambling is banned there. Besides, just Brazil remains, and it is considered the best virgin market worldwide.”

There are no official statistics about the illegal market. There are bingos and video bingo machines that are of course illegal, but market dimension is not known.

He then added: “Bingo was possible in Brazil between 2001 and 2007, but with a special permission and then it closed completely. In my opinion, the gambling market has never been strong enough in order to boost a law. Now there are different opinions, but many people are working in this sector.”

With regard to the dates for BgC next year, Jardim said it has not been confirmed yet. “Next year, the Football World Cup in Russia will be held on the same date, so considering that people here in Brazil love football, the date should be considered.”

He then assured that Clation has more tan 20 events every year related to the games of chance industry, and ICE is among them. “It is very important for us to start working with the games of chance sector in Brazil. We have the idea to organize a gaming show in this country, on top of the congress, once the law is approved.”

“I think now most of the people agree on the approval of the law. The problem is a matter of priorities. For the government, the priority now is the reform of employment, which is being debated at the Senate and has already been approved in the Chamber. The second one is the pension reform. And on the third place, I think it comes the games of chance regulation,” he concluded.


fuente: Exclusive SoloAzar