Arland assisted to BGC, bets on the Brazilian market

03 Jul 2017

(Exclusive SoloAzar, Brazil).- Felipe Andrade, Managing Director of Arland, a technology company based on Austria, talked to SoloAzar within the Brazilian Gaming Congress held last week in Sao Paulo. It is the second time of the firm at the show and he considers that the congress is very positive because Brazil has very much potential.

“We are software and technology providers, and here in Brazil we are focusing on retail, software, and all the integration with mobile, and how can you activate your clients on the retail and bring them to mobile, online and so on,” said Andrade.

“It is not regulated but we already have the possibility to discuss the market, to build some kind of first steps for this market. But I think it will be much better after the regulation. So we have a very positive thinking and we believe that next year we will have a regulation,” he added.

When asked about the Brazilian market and the players, he pointed: “The market in Brazil is huge. There are some very specific aspects about it, most of the players are not so used to it, so I think we have to develop this culture and we have to work a little more on user experience, because Brazilian people want to integrate this experience with live betting and they are more focused on the whole event. The European players are more based on statistics, they are more technical. The Brazilian players are more emotional. So I think there’s a lot of potential to work, with sportsbetting and marketing tools, and involve, actually, the players. So our expectation is very interesting because we need to change a little bit our mindsets for this market, but it’s amazing. The potential is great”.

Andrade commented that Arland already has some players operating from South America, for example, they now we have some operators planning their first steps in the Brazilian market. The firm has some traditional players reaching Europe and Africa, too, which is also a developing market.

He then said that the firm will be present in Germnany in October, but the next big one will be ICE. As Arland will be launching a new software in the end of the European summe , the big release will be on ICE 2018.

To conclude, he said: “I was expecting a little less people actually, due to all the problems with the Brazilian regulation, but this year I saw a lot of new faces, and we all need to be together at this moment. It’s very important, because without this event and this organization nothing happens.”


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive