Quixant showcased its range of gaming products at Brazilian Gaming Show

04 Jul 2017

(Brazil, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Leo Bateman, Business Development Manager for Quixant UK, was interviewed by SoloAzar within Brazilian Gaming Congress, where he commented about the show and the current situation of the Brazilian market.

Quixant participated at the Brazilian Gaming Congress for the second time in a row. The firm exhibited a range of gaming platforms, PC based hardware and gaming monitors.

When asked about the show, Bateman said: “It has been good but it seems that not much has happened since the first edition, in fact, possibly nothing; things are still waiting to move forward, so I met some interesting people but the congress is similar to the last one I assisted to.”

When asked about the future of the Brazilian market, he said: “The main expectation is to understand the potential for the market in the short-term and what it will deliver. I hope that I can speak to my colleagues and say what the potential is and when we can move into the Brazilian market,” he pointed.

He then said: “Currently, it is my understanding, there is a black market, and obviously we can’t be any part on it, as I said before, we hope to be part of the legal market, and maybe this will happen, maybe this will not, but that’s my understanding of the market at the moment.”

He also highlighted the importance of the congress. “Companies like Quixant may or may not get the information if it wasn’t for this type of events. So you can get information from your contacts in the industry but at the show you get all the people together, businessmen and politicians, …so it is very important,” he added.

“Next major show is G2E In Las Vegas in October, and we have smaller shows, we will be exhibiting in Australia next August, and in Romania and regional shows in the US as well. It’s a busy time”, he concluded.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive