JSD E-Gaming debuted at recent Brazilian Gaming Congress

05 Jul 2017

(Brazil, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Jorge Diment, owner and CEO of JSD Gaming, a company oriented to e-gaming solutions, was present at Brazilian Gaming Congress, where he talked to SoloAzar about the company and the expectations for the Brazilian market.

The company started in 2010 with the idea of being a provider of platforms for online gaming and being the link between Latin American operators and European providers of content, and to cover that gap on the commercialization chain.

“We have several customers in Latin America. We have not introduced any new product at Brazilian Gaming Congress, we are presenting several different versions of our existing platform and we aim to be well-known and achieve to obtain a potential Brazilian customer facing the imminent regulation”, said Diment.

“We have many expectations. A small business in Brazil is an important business. I have always said that I wanted to put a hamburger factory in Brazil, and sell a burger to every Brazilian citizen. It is enough. There is a tremendous market at every sector of the industry and everyone wants a piece of the Brazilian market, and that’s why we came.”

When asked about the congress, he said it was very exclusive. “I saw a few online and a lot of land-based, many traditional casinos, and I see much expectations for the regulation, which seems imminent, and which will revolutionize the Latin American market.”

“Brazil is so large and has so much states and political conflicts that everything is very confusing. Remember that in Brazil gambling has been banned for many years. As they said at the conferences, Brazil exports gambling tourism, and dispels gambling tourism, and Brazilian citizens like gambling, we have clear examples such as Conrad or Casinos in Paraguay.”

Regarding a possible gaming regulation, he stressed the following: “I think it will be an explosion. There are big international operators which have their venues ready to open, the day the law is signed and comes into force.”

“This congress is important to bring us reliable information first-hand, to avoid lobby and indirect sales. It is important to interact and get to know people. All networking events are crucial for development of my company.”

JSD Gaming has a customer in Argentina, called Pálpito, and it has two small operations in Peru and Ecuador. “Our goal for the rest of the year is to grow with our customers in Peru, because in Argentina we have no regulation yet. We have had a successful participation at Peru Gaming Show.”


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive