Play Brands Group promoted its activities at Brazilian Gaming Congress

Brazil 06 Jul 2017

(Brazil, SoloAzar Exclusive).- John De Wit, Play Brands Group CEO, talked to SoloAzar within Brazilian Gaming Congress. It is the third time the firm assists to the show, and its second time as an exhibitor. “Our main reason to be here is to expose our activities to the international gaming industry,” he said.

“Our basic business in the past was the video bingo business in Brazil, and when that was not possible any more, it’s been decided to work from abroad and online. Now that it seems that there will be a legalized market again, we are preparing ourselves outside the country to come in as soon as possible and well prepared,” De Wit affirmed.

The firm aimed to communicate its activities: The operation of an online casino called and the development of its own games, mainly video bingo. They are also working on a sports betting product and are also preparing their online gaming machines and gaming terminals, online and offline.

“We came to the congress to hear some opinions, to do networking, but our main reason to be here with a small stand is to expose our activities to the international gaming industry, because all of the international communities are interested in South America, but they don’t really know and they don’t really realize that the Brazilian companies are working abroad. They do not operate in Brazil because of the fact that there is not a legalization yet. But they are ready to come back in the market”, he commented.

When asked about the current edition of the congress, he said: “The previous versions were more like: what is the legal status, what will be the law, when will be the law, and I think that because it’s taking more time than everybody expects, it has become more business to business relations, a bit different. It’s becoming more business and politics. I think that everybody has seen that we have to wait for the politicians, when they are ready”.

With regard to the gambling companies, he stressed that there are a lot of chances for Brazilian and international companies, but also for Brazil itself. “I believe there will be concentrations, some joint ventures or collaborations between foreign companies, Brazilian companies, to have a good entrance in the market, so that is what I think will happen, but first we need to have some law.”

He said that Brazilian Gaming Congress is important because it is always important that people and foreign companies are better informed. “Brazilian-owned companies that work abroad to make the contacts and I think the main thing is networking, and see what are the possibilities; preparation is part of a good market entrance for the companies, for the lawmakers, it’s important for the organizer, because I’m sure next year there will be a big exhibition because that means that there is a law,” he concluded.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive