IGT presented its novelties at Peru Gaming Show

10 Ago 2017

(Exclusive SoloAzar, Peru).- Jessica Luna, IGT Senior Director for Chile, the Andean Region, Central America and the Caribbean, talked to SoloAzar about the presentation of the company at the latest edition of PGS. Among other issues, she commented about the products showcased and evaluated the show and the current situation of the Peruvian market.

What novelties have you presented at PGS?

We are very satisfied with the exhibition and the launch of CrystalCurve, a product that will be ready for the market on the next quarter. We have had positive feedback from our customers at our showroom, last May 29th, and the first day of PGS has been the official release for the international market. It has been exhibited together with Fort Knox and Harley-Davidson, as well as in our showroom in Central America and the Caribbean and in Chile event, with very good results as well. Spin-Splosion!, is a very versatile tournament that has been successful because it may be installed on our CrystalDual.

The operator has the chance to choose the title he likes most without any inconvenience with the tournament solution that is installed on the two games already chosen. So Spin-Splosion! is putting its share of joy because they can manage and configure whenever they like within the highest or lowest levels of assistance at the gambling venue, depending on how to use it, as a marketing tool to attract public, as well as Syncsation, both for Ascent Platform, which comes with CrystalDual, CrystalSlant, S3000, and for multi-games AXXIS 23/23.

Which have been the most remarkable products?

IGT’s Spin-Splosion! tournament solution has been accepted due to its versatiliy and because it is very flexible and attractive. And the AXXIS 23/23, a multi-game suites with 12 games, is positioning strongly in the market. We have now launched a new progressive called Sphinx Riches.

What is your evaluation for the first semester of the year?

It is positive, but we have to add that this success is based on a hard work, on a collective job, a daily effort from the whole organization to consolidate the products in the market, keep updated on the customers’ expectations, good business and the capacity to reach a very good human relationship.

IGT aims to be the strategic partner, but it also wants to be the trusted growth partner for regional operators. And we are quite focused on that. We have been organizing several direct showroom events for our customers because it is part of our policy, to be in regular contact with our customers.

How do you evaluate the event?

PGS has been excellent. I am very proud of this show, which has also been performed with hard work, year after year, in order to position and consolidate an event that counts with the presence of all the main international providers, an impressive affluence of public, a lot of joy, and organizers prepare it with love, people know each other, it is a more recreational space, with entertainment. And I think all of those goals have been achieved. I think that, from now on, PGS will be more international, because international operators have started visiting the show. No doubt that, in a mature and regulated market such as Peru, this trade show will continue to be important in the near future.

What is your opinion on the Peruvian market?

Peru has always been one of IGT’s primary international offices; IGT has more than 20 years in the country. The market response to date is positive, according to our work. We have innovated the collection of games. Peru is a very competitive market, where the competence is door to door, and it is experienced day after day. Your product must always be distinctive, it must attract the player’s attention, but we also have to consider a player that wants to have a little entertainment, one wants to enjoy his or her investment.

So we have to choose a group of products with a special math models to position and maintain according to the expectations of the players of the gambling venue, which are also quite demanding.

IGT’s AXXIS 23/23 has had an excellent market response. That product has been accepted by the operator and the players. CrystalSlant 27/27 cabinet, with the multi-game of 4 games, and specially with the single game, has had a great performance. It is said that the Peruvian market is progressive and multi-game, probably in terms of volume, however, he have found an important line on Core game with a strong math models, with mystery progressives, 5-level progressives but they are standalone games, so they are games with the unique chance to go alone on a cabinet. We are seeing those results on the numbers and the experiences on different Peruvian gambling venues.


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