“We are expanding our business and entering in new markets for JCM”

United States 09 Oct 2017

(Las Vegas, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Diego Mejía, Latin America Business Manager, JCM; spoke exclusively with SoloAzar during the Global Gaming Expo 2017 last week in Las Vegas. There, the company presented its ticket validators, printers, promotional solutions and digital media operators.

"JCM is a world leader in validation and cash management, but this year we are presenting projects and products of the systems part, as well as our validation options for the financial and banking market. We are expanding our business and entering in new markets for JCM," commented Mejía.

Through a live eSports tournament, JCM presented its PixelPro screen. "We have LED panels that interconnect with others to make advertising events, applications are endless: we can present 6 or 7 different video inputs on a screen and it is practically free for the user to decide what they want to present there. The technology we have here is cutting edge, the best product quality," said the executive.

On the other hand, he added: "JCM always has the idea of opening more markets and looking for new ways to reach other customers that we did not have before. For that we are launching the FUZION, a casino system tool so that it can control the level of game of the clients but through our peripherals".

As for the plans for the rest of the year, JCM Global will be presenting in November at SAGSE Buenos Aires, where they will close the season. "There we will have the presentation of Promo Net, which is a system of smart promotional coupons. We are going to have our products for casinos and we also want to make a small sample of the financial products to demonstrate to our customers that the technology they apply to the bank, which is a huge multi-million dollar industry, is the technology that JCM offers for its casinos,” Mejía said.


fuente: SoloAzar Exclusive