19 February 2018
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

GLI is always one step ahead of what is happening in the industry

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- In the framework of the last edition of ICE in London, SoloAzar interviewed exclusively Karen Sierra, Director of Government Relations and Business Development for Latin America and the Caribbean of Gaming Laboratories International. "For us the events, the conferences, the exhibitions are important moments to continue our close relationship with all those who have decided to put their trust in our work," she said.

How do you see the show this year? How did you develop your activities?

GLI's participation in ICE has been very international, global. I think that a few years ago it was concentrating a lot on the theme of Europe but this show has become so important because of the online theme, of course, that we see representatives from all regions of the world and focused events for each one. We participated in the conferences that had to do with the North American tribes, we were also in the conference in Latin America, there was also a theme of the development of the industry in Japan. From that point of view it has been very international and from the point of view of meetings on the stand with our customers and our suppliers too, the representation that we have had at the stand for each region has been important to be able to cope with the amount of customers and friends who come to visit us.

How do you see the European market?

Definitely for Latin America is a benchmark. We know that it is the most mature market from the point of view of regulation of online gambling and sports betting. In that sense, from my perspective, that I manage the market of Latin America and the Caribbean, is the model that our regulators aim for. Apart from that, from the commercial point of view, the vast majority of suppliers that are trying to enter our Latin American markets are European. The synergy between these two regions of the world is very important, we have identified it and that is why we are here, those of us working with the Latin American region and the Europeans, to work very closely so that we can support each other now, in this new adventure for our region, we are entering the issue of sports betting and online.

How do you see the future of the industry globally?

I believe that each region is different, so the future of Latin America will be different to the future of Europe because depending on the region we are more advanced in some areas or in others. But I think the most important thing is the integration that is being seen between the different regions, how from the regulatory point of view our jurisdictions have the interest not only to learn what is happening in the other regions but to communicate in order to be prepared. Politically, many times you cannot move at the pace you want but our regulators are not stopping to prepare for those advances. We are talking about everything that is online game, there is a lot of talk about eSport, virtual reality, games of skill ... then, where the law allows it is progressing and what we find important to happen is that of that opening to give these advances but that are given so that there is also security for the player and the provider.

In your opinion, what is missing for the Latin American regulator to take that step?

It really depends on the country because there are countries in Latin America where, by law, online gambling cannot be developed. There are others where, for example, the definition of gambling does not allow you to include within the authorization given to the operators to have games of skill and dexterity. And there are also jurisdictions where, for example, sports betting is monopolized for a specific operator where it cannot be part of the offer of a casino or multiple casinos. So, it is a matter of each jurisdiction and to see politically how the regulation can be modified to allow progress in that sense. But I am sure that everyone agrees because the issue is regular because the industry is there, it exists, and we are not benefiting neither the government nor the industry and neither does the player benefit from not having security in a gambling offer that is not regulated.

What are the GLI strategies for this year?

Every year we have new adventures, new challenges. The work we do, apart from supporting our clients in the certification and auditing process, is also to support them to be ready for these challenges, not only to the clients but also to the regulators. All our training programs are aimed at that, to prepare us. GLI is always one step ahead of what is happening in the industry to be prepared to support and the challenge is to continue that research and development to be able to continue being with the regulators in that regard.

What is the next event in which GLI will be participating?

We will be at the EGR Power LatAm Summit 2018, in Uruguay, of which we are sponsors and we will participate in the conference to be with our local customers. And we will also be in the main events.

For us events, conferences, exhibitions are important moments to continue our close relationship with all those who decided to put their trust in our work.


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