13 January 2021

Chile: Enjoy denied the deadline extention to conclude work in municipal casinos

(Chile).- The company had asked for a 180-day extension of the deadline to conclude work in four casinos.

Enjoy received bad news from the Superintendency of Gaming Casinos (SCJ), since that regulator did not accept its request to suspend, due to the term of the term, the works of four municipal casinos that it operates: Coquimbo, Viña del Mar, Pucón and Puerto Varas.

Originally, Enjoy was supposed to have the Viña del Mar casino ready on September 29, 2020, but at the end of August the SCJ published a resolution that, in the case of municipal casinos located in communes that were in quarantine, no They would count the days in total confinement for these works. In practice, this meant that the Viña del Mar site had a new deadline of January 30, 2021 to become operational.

However, at the end of November the company asked the regulator to extend the deadline to complete the construction of the four projects mentioned above. The SCJ later reiterated -through an official letter- that the deadlines for the Fifth Region site were intact.

After the ruling, Enjoy filed a hierarchical appeal to nullify said office so that instead a suspension for at least one term of the works of these four casinos is applied. However, on January 5 of this year, the SCJ rejected this appeal “as inadmissible”.

At the same time, Enjoy filed a protection appeal on December 24 before the Santiago Court of Appeals and requested an Order of “No Inno denied on December 30.

In Enjoy they pointed out that “the company and the industry have proposed since March 2020 a series of measures to face the deep crisis that affects casinos. These proposals are being processed in different instances before the respective organizations, and while they are in progress, it is necessary to issue comments ”.

It should be remembered that the company had until December 28 to request the SCJ to start the verification process of the works in Viña, of which it is not known if it has been completed. If this breach is effective, the authority has the power to revoke the operating permit.