14 January 2022
Press Released

Antibacterial casino products protect against spread of COVID-19

(Macau).- By providing long-lasting antimicrobial and antiviral protection, nanomaterials have prevailed in a market that today concentrates its efforts on finding solutions that provide security for players and casino employees.

Nanomaterials are being adopted around the world as an effective tool to combat the coronavirus, and they have a presence in means of transport, public spaces, work, health centers and, in particular, in entertainment and gaming centers.

Japanese gaming chip supplier Matsui has released a new line of special casino chips aimed at preventing the spread of microorganisms. The chips employ technology called Nova Guard Chip Protect which Matsui says ensures any part of the chip coming into human contact in the casino is antimicrobial and kills microorganisms, stopping their growth or spread.

Despite having the antimicrobial material added into the plastic rim and center decal, they look, feel and weight exactly the same as any other high-quality Matsui casino chip and allow for all the same security features and design options to be added. The chips have been extensively tested and certified in “highly specialized” Japanese laboratories.

If we talk about nanotechnology in favor of health care, another important option is Liquid Guardian, a company that offers a line of antimicrobial coatings with contact action, designed based on nanotechnology with silicon dioxide (liquid glass). These simple-to-use products optimize the disinfection of surfaces, eliminate contamination by bacteria and viruses.

It is a novel way to protect slot machines, gaming tables, chips and air conditioners against Covid-19 and other viruses, which would reduce the percentages of contagion to guarantee the public a leisure experience in total tranquility.