11 May 2018
SoloAzar Exclusive

Meridian Gaming participated in the Brazilian Gaming Congress

(Brazil, SoloAzar Exclusive) .- Juan José Mantese, Responsible for Latin America of Meridian Gaming, spoke exclusively with SoloAzar in the latest edition of the Brazilian Gaming Congress.

Meridian Gaming, company that is mainly operator of sports betting and in turn provides a platform to those companies that want to work with their brand in some countries, is looking to expand in Latin America. "We are currently in 40 countries. We apply for the license in COLJUEGOS in Colombia, we are working in Peru directly ourselves and in some countries with partners that use the brand,"said the executive.

How do you see this edition of BgC?

If I have to compare with 2016, I think that at that time there was a much greater expectation. Maybe many of the things that were spoken in 2016 are still being talked about and did not become concrete, and maybe that caused expectations to fall in general. In my opinion, until all the parties do not agree and a law comes out, we will continue talking about the same thing year after year.

How do you see the market in Brazil this year?

We know that in the years with presidential elections there are changes also in Congress. I do not know how much can change this year, and also Brazil had a change of president, from Dilma Rousseff to Temer. I think that it is talking more and more, but, as a deputy said recently, the illegal party is also very strong so that the law does not come out, there is a clash of interests. We as a company interested in investing in the country will try to contribute what we can best, experiences from other countries that were in that situation or how we are working: taxes, regulation, etc., so that they can bring out the best for their country. But on our side, we can not do much more than support this type of event and be there when the moment of the jump occurs.

Do you consider that São Paulo is the most important place in Brazil to carry out this type of event?

Brazil is very big. It is clear that in São Paulo there is the financial-economic power, but there are also other cities that have their importance. It seems to me that the game business in general has a huge potential throughout the country and not just here.

What do you have prepared for the World Cup?

The best offer for our players, who can bet on the game that interests them, at the time of the event that seems best. We work with all types of bet, before the game and live. Generally, those that are live are the most complex, those that require more resources and those that we believe that players who start to understand and are attracted to this type of offer, are the ones that get hooked. When you have the possibility to bet during the game on a situation that is to come, and one, seeing how the game is going, you feel that you have the ability to see if the situation can reach one place or another, so we continue offering everything that may interest the players.


Brazilian Gaming Congress - BgC 2018

BgC 2018 - provides knowledge in terms of regulation, taxation and control in Brazil, at a time when the industry is struggling to catch up with the legislation and understand the likelihood that the various forms of gambling will be legalized and regulated. It also offers the opportunity to meet the right people to thrive in the growing Latin American gaming market.