4 September 2018
Press Released

What To Expect At The Scandinavian Gaming Show Tomorrow

(Sweden).- Tomorrow, hundreds of sports betting and casino sector professionals will converge upon the Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, Sweden for the inaugural Scandinavian Gaming Show.

The Speakers for the show have spent months preparing for their sessions and are extremely excited that the event is finally here. To get you excited for everything you are about to experience at the show, we have a concise summary of tomorrow’s deeply insightful presentations and panel discussions and the venue address and walk-in registration rates:


Opening Address: The upcoming reregulation in Sweden - what it entails

Ismail Vali has spent months researching these new regulations to advise his clients who seek to enter the region. As a delegate at the summit, you will be receiving a concise analysis of all the information he has compiled over the last year.


Panel: Regulatory Cooperation: How can other jurisdictions assist Sweden with regulation?

- Comparison of how regulatory principles are applied across different jurisdictions - Finland responsible gambling v Sweden and others and how regulators could learn from each other;

- Challenges associated with data and best practice sharing and conflicting laws/regulations;

- How other jurisdictions could learn from Sweden

- What Sweden could learn from other jurisdictions - case study Germany and key learnings for other regulators

- Will SGA take learnings from other regulators e.g. UK and sanctions, national self-exclusion schemes, bonusing and promotions, etc.


Presentation: How to be successful in a newly regulated market

Bill Pascreell has worked as an advisor to some of America’s leading gaming companies. Bill also played a fundamental role in bringing about the changes in sports betting legislation in America last year and has continued to advise his clients on how to succeed in the American market. He will be discussing the principles with the audience.


Panel: How will Swedish Authorities deal with challenges linked to Responsible Gambling and Money Laundering?

- Session to start with Gamban presentation (10 to 15 mins max) defining ‘responsible gambling’ and the practical application of customer support and tool;

- Followed with SGA leading on the principles from a regulatory and industry association perspective and the requirements of the new Swedish regulations;

- RG - cost of compliance or commercial common sense;

- Building a unified multi-channel self-exclusion system in - case study Malta

- Growing links between problem gambling and money laundering;

- GDPR Privacy and challenges of data sharing for exclusion and detecting and preventing crime across jurisdictions;

- Challenges of legal interpretation, conflicting laws and enforcement in and across borders


Presentation: Emerging Tech in iGaming: Blockchain

The Blockchain algorithm is proving itself to be incredibly useful in the gaming sector. Vasily Polynov (Head of Communications, Trueflip.io) will be discussing why Blockchain is such a disruptive technology in the online gambling sector and why operators and regulators need to take crypto seriously in this ever-evolving market


Panel: Re-imagining Online Casino

- What will the needs and wants of casino players be in 2019 vs. 2018 and how do operators remain relevant?

- Daring to stand out and being unique involves more investment and risk – is it worth it?

- How important is company culture in executing real innovation and what are some best practices to foster such a culture?

- What’s the “next big thing” for online casinos and how does VR/AR/AI fit in?


Panel: Daily Fantasy Sport and eSports Betting: The New Era of Sports Betting Platforms

- What additional value does DFS add to your sportsbook?

- Is eSports popular enough to add it your sports options?

- How will these two new betting options bring a new era of Sports Betting Platforms?