18 February 2019
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

Grupo Kirol presented its gaming solutions at ICE 2019

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- From the large stand of the Kirol Group in ICE 2019, its Marketing Director, Beñardo Elorz, told details about the company's activity, its performance at the show, and made an analysis of the different markets in those who participate.

"This is our fifth consecutive year at ICE. Five years but the same illusion; we come with bags loaded with large projects that may arise, and with the intention of continuing to make known our land-based product linked to the online world. We are one of the few operators that have a solution of this type and with a linkage of the new worlds through a single account," said Elorz.

"The Grupo Kirol is divided into two business units" he said, adding: "Kirolsoft develops the terminals, creates the software, provides it with content and does everything so that the bet can be formalized. So that after giving a series of turns and putting the coin, take a bet. We are so proud of the product that we developed that we decided to market it under our own brand, Kirolbet, which is a guarantee that the product works. We also bring our product to different brands so they can operate. Today we have clients like Juegging, Viva la Suerte, Apuestas Valor, Apuestas de Murcia, Apuestas de Castilla, what they do is use our platform but under their brand."

Then he commented more details about the activities of the company: "When developing all the software, we give a complete solution. If in an English market they need a terminal that does a series of things, we can do it. If you only want the online environment, we have it. If you only want the face-to-face, we have it. If what they want is that the online and face-to-face environment through a card, we also do it. Our terminals can even pay prizes. In the markets that have the payment in regulated cash, we enable it. It is a turnkey product. Whatever you want. If you want to go with our brand, there is no problem. If you want to go with another brand, too. This has enabled us to have more than 5000 betting terminals, 12 web pages, 300 professionals and a 100% home-made product."

When asked about the adaptability of the system to different markets, he said: "It is not easy, but we have the best development team that makes this possible. It's the good thing about having a product 100% made at home, from making the terminal to taking out the bet, everything is done at home."

Regarding his assessment of the recent London show, he commented: "We have had a very important volume of visits, and the moment we open the bar with food and drink, our stand becomes more of a leisure stand than a business stand. We also know that it's good to start enjoying a product demo and end up taking a good Rioja wine with a little loin or cheese, it's the whole trip."

"The closing of the year 2018 was very nice, with a lot of work, there has been a very important fight on the part of the group, where we had to do a lot of hiring, reinforce more teams, and where we have focused a lot on improving our product, that was good, but we focused on the user experience to be complete. If we are able to get a person who is not familiar with sports betting to be able to reach the terminal and be able to place a bet, the goal is covered. We are targeting all kinds of audiences, because not only are we betting providers, but we also have a bet, we have a casino, we provide solutions to horse and greyhound races and lottery products".

Regarding the regulation, Elorz commented: "If the regulation allowed to install a casino with type B machines and roulettes in land-based terminals, we could do it. But in the online part the development is already done and working. In Spain we have an online casino with different B-type products and machines, as well as roulettes, bingos video. We also have a department that creates content, but we also have to connect it with data providers, because otherwise, instead of 300, we should be 3000 to cover the entire number of events we are going to".

Finally, the Kirolbet Company will be present soon at the Feria de Madrid, where Elorz added: "We plan to make a leap in terms of image and we will have a very important stand with different surprises".


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