20 February 2019
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

ICE is a dependably good show for JCM, and we have supported the show for 20 years

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Payam Zadeh, General Manager of JCM EMEA, spoke exclusively with SoloAzar after the Company’s participation in ICE 2019. “We have been growing steadily across EMEA, and because of ICE’s EMEA-focused attendance, it is crucial for us to exhibit at the show to support our customers,” he said.

What did you exhibit in this edition of ICE?

This was JCM’s 20th year at ICE, and we consistently find it to present many business opportunities. This year, we chose ICE for the world premiere of our new UBA Pro bill validator. UBA Pro builds on the success of the original and award-winning UBA and adds many modern-day technologies that result in a high-speed acceptance rate. Those technologies also help to future-proof the new UBA Pro, so operators can feel confident in placing the new bill validator on their casino floor. We deliberately designed the UBA Pro to be a plug-and-play upgrade from the UBA, and we ensured it supports our ICB Intelligent Cash Box, which eliminates human error and streamlines the entire drop process across the entire casino floor. We also exhibited many other JCM solutions that help to make casino operations more secure, including our iVIZION bill validator, GEN5 thermal printer, PromoNet floor-wide couponing system, ICB, iPRO-RC note-recycling bill validator, RDM-100, and MRX units.

What were the expectations and goals with which you come to the London show each year?

ICE is a dependably good show for JCM, and we have supported the show for 20 years. We had a fun time with the organizers, who presented us with a 20th anniversary cake to celebrate the occasion. We enjoy the excitement of the show, and that energetic atmosphere permeates our meetings with customers. That is why we chose ICE to launch our new UBA Pro product. The dynamism of the show matched the dynamism of the product.

How important was it for the company to exhibit here?

We have been growing steadily across EMEA, and because of ICE’s EMEA-focused attendance, it is crucial for us to exhibit at the show to support our customers. It is also an excellent place to get direct customer feedback on current products as well as new products and concepts.

What were the results of the company from ICE?

ICE 2019 was another busy show for us. Attendees from the UK and Spain were particularly keen on our Ticket2Go solution, which offers a retrofit ticketing solution for gaming machines that do not support open standard ticketing protocols. Attendees were also interested to get an up-close look at our new MRX Modular Banknote Recycler. It recently won “Best Payment Solution” at the recent BEGE, the Balkan Entertainment and Gaming Expo, and ICE attendees were interested to learn how it can be integrated into a table game solution. It can also be utilized as a redemption kiosk because of the way it optimizes cash management by reducing downtimes and optimizing recycling processes within the cash transaction. As your readers may recall, when paired with our iVIZION bill validator and GEN5 printer, our FUZION technology contains many features that enable casinos to operate more securely and efficiently. At ICE, we showed the latest version, which has many advanced features, such as security monitoring, where money laundering and suspicious activities are detected in real time, and alerts can be sent through email, text, or logged in FUZION.

How did you close 2018 and what are their goals for 2019?

Our goal for 2019 in EMEA and around the world is simple – integrate UBA Pro, help our customers make better connections with their customers while at the same time providing the highest possible levels of security and convenience. When JCM was born in 1955, it sprung from a spirit of innovation where we saw a gap in technology that could make doing business better for our customers, and that same spirit of innovation drives us today. We never stop thinking, never stop asking “what if,” and never stop creating better, smarter, faster products for our customers. That is our goal for 2019 – keep creating solutions to help our customers.


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