14 March 2019
Press Released

With ENADA ACADEMY the fair becomes a school

(Rimini) .- Enada Spring, the 31st International Exhibition of Games and Entertainment Devices, scheduled at the Rimini Fair from March 13 to 15, is confirmed as an inevitable appointment for professional operators throughout the gaming and entertainment market , not only because it represents a unique opportunity to discover and test the main innovations in the sector, but also because of the rich conference panorama that characterizes it.

A program, which was compiled under the Enada Academy brand, addresses the most important problems, from the AWPR business model to regulatory developments, from the situation of small and medium-sized e-sports companies.

The main events of the three days in Rimini are:

Wednesday March 13th

11.00 (room C4) opening ceremony, followed by an opening press conference on the state of crisis of small and medium enterprises in the state gaming sector (11.15 am in the Tiglio room): speakers: Lorenzo Cagnoni, the president of IEG, Domenico Distante, president of SAPAR and Jason Frost, president of Euromat.

At 3 p.m. (Sala Noce) will be held the conference organized by Jamma and AGIMEG on Bets, ban, municipal, advertising ban: in what direction is the Italian gaming market. Speakers will be Giovanni Garrisi (ceo Stanleybet), Domenico Distante (pres. Sapar), Maurizio Ughi (presidential objective 2016), Stefano Sbordoni (pres. Utis), Carmelo Mazza (ceo Betaland), Fabio Felici, director of news agency agimeg

At 15.30 in Sala Tiglio we will talk about electronic sports as an opportunity, a conference organized by GN Media. The phenomenon of electronic sports, better known as "eSports", has also been exploited in Italy, with speakers: Andrea Strata, Director of the Observatory of the Eurispes Games; Laura D'Angeli, company of games and business organization, Mag and Claudio Poggi, communication manager of the Qlash team. Moderator: Domenico Palesse, journalist Ansa and eSports Mag.it.

March 14

At 11 Sala Tiglio will host the conference on another highly topical topic: AWPR: the business model, organized by Jamma and AGIMEG. Moderator: Maurizio Brodo, director of Jamma Magazine. The legislators have granted the owners of the annual work plans 18 months to update 265,000 new devices (68%).