15 March 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Change Italia introduced new JCM products at ENADA show

(Italy, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Once again, Change Italia was present at ENADA show. Its President Manuel Pasquini was interviewed by SoloAzar about the current situation of the Italian market, and also commented about the products showcased at the event and the plans for this year.

What is the current situation of the trade shows in Italy?

The exhibitions are in a difficult situation because we have a new law, which is not very positive for the gaming sector in Italy, and so most of the concessionaries and operators are in a bad situation, and so this kind of exhibitions are smaller and smaller every year. This is the current situation and I don’t think in the short-term we will have a better position.

Fortunately, our company not only operates in Italy but also in Eastern Europe, in former Yugoslavia, in the Balcan area, where the gaming business is still growing,

What are you exhibiting at ENADA?

We have some new products from JCM, and we are exhibiting them now. We have a monitor for new gaming applications with some attractive lights, and we have a card reader for the new Italian law, because in Italy, from next year, it will be compulsory for the player to show their age when a machine starts playing, so players must insert an identity card and prove that you are 18 years old or more. This is the only business we have available for sell now in Italy.

What is the position of the company in the Italian market and in Europe as well?

We are quite popular and we are doing well. If you check all the companies around the hall in the exhibition, everybody knows Change Italia and most of them have been customers for a long time.

In Europe, we are only expanding our business in Eastern Europe. However, it is difficult to go ahead in this market, because they are looking for very cheap products, but we don’t have cheap products; we have quality products. We are growing, so the trend is good.

What are the plans of the company for this year?

We don’t have a specific plan, except to expand our game business in Eastern Europe. The only news for this year is that we have recently built new premises for our warehouse, because the space was not big enough.

What are the next shows in which you will be present?

The next show for us is Bulgaria.


ENADA 2019 - Rimini Expo Centre

Organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group and promoted by SAPAR, Italian Association of coin-op entertainment machines, with the support of EUROMAT and in collaboration with the main trade associations, Enada Spring involves the whole chain of the game, and features a showcase of everything new in this sector; from products, to technology and services from the most important Italian and foreign companies, useful for updating trade members’ knowledge.