19 March 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Cristaltec exhibited its cabinets and game titles in ENADA Primavera

(Italy, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Manuel de Melo, Cristaltec CTO, talked to SoloAzar about the presentation of the firm in ENADA Primavera. On top of giving details about the products and the markets in which Cistaltec operates, made an evaluation about the trade event and commented his future expectations.

In Italy, the law has changed in January, and so we are presenting all the new game titles we have already adapted according to the requirements of the new law. We have around 60 titles that we are launching to the market as an option for the next two years, because we think that, in two years’ time, the law will change again,” De Melo affirmed.

He then added: “We are presenting all the design of the games and cabinets. The development is made in Portugal, and the production and commercialization is performed in Italy. We are introducing a new cabinet, a 32’ curve and vertical monitor, which, in its first version, was customized for the Spanish market, and we brought it to Italy and adapted it to the Italian laws. The aim is to export this cabinet to South America.”

Besides, he added that Cristaltec has a partner in South America, and they are both working to develop a very interesting product and make a strong release in this market. “In Spain we are very successful. We have 450 machines in all the regions of the country, in a joint venture with a big Spanish firm. We are very happy and believe we have to expand to other markets, too.”

“In Cristaltec our aim is to operate globally. On the latest ICE edition in London we have presented our first online games and we have an agreement with Merkur Gaming in Germany. We made five games which are certified in Italy. Some developments are certified in Italy and others in other countries, because it is very complicated here. We also have projects in the VLTs area, which are now being developed,” he said.

When consulted about ENADA show, he said: “I have never expected to perform great sales at the show, because, if I don’t do them today, I will do them tomorrow. Italy has a very inharmonious market. It is a 8-80 market. If you are the number one, you sell 80 plaques; if you are the number two, you sell 8. So right now, our position and our rating puts us in the number one place, so we are successful, due to a 24-month hard work to reach this point. With regard to visitors, they are mostly friends and customers that come to greet us and to know the novelties; a 95% belong to the Italian market. Italy is a huge market, both in capacity and in dynamics, but has this critical 8-80 problem. It is easy to have a very heavy structure, financially speaking and if the performance of the games is not good, it is very complicated to support, because you don`t have sales to cover all the expenses.”

Regarding the markets in which the firm operates, De Melo added: “Our focus is in Italy and Spain at the moment. Each market has its own characteristics. For example, we have been in Spain for a year and a half, and now I can tell yoy that in two months’ time we will have the game customized for Spain. It will also happen in the South American market. We will be there, we have to study the market, talk to the players, get to know the people, and after a year, a year and a half, we have a customized product, adapted to that market.”

When asked about the shows in which the firm will participate, he concluded: “We are present, not in the direct and indirect way, in Interazar event in Madrid, which is organized every two years, and then we go to Rome in October and to Rome in February. We don’t go to SAGSE Buenos Aires yet, because now we are starting to organize the South American market, so now it seems very premature to assist.”

ENADA 2019 - Rimini Expo Centre

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