20 March 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Italtronic participated in the latest ENADA Primavera edition

(Rímini, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Italtronic exhibited its products at ENADA Primavera. From the firm’s booth, Founding Partner and Senior Consultant Ramón Monros talked to SoloAzar about the participation of the firm, some of the clients that assisted to the show and the main markets in which it operates, among other issues.

“We are here in ENADA Primavera with several clients. One of them is VNE, manufacturer of payment systems. A great novelty at the show are the terminals that will put together the betting world and the distribution of recreational machines. These terminals enable bars to recharge the online betting accounts, and players can withdraw the jackpots directly. It makes the offer more interesting,” said Monros, who added: “VNE is one of our main partners. On top of Italy, we have also expanded in Spain, where we are market leaders right now, and we have an important presence in Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama.”

He then talked about other customers that accompanied the firm at the show: “Expreso Games is a company in charge of the content of online casinos. It is a boutique product, customized for the client, and nowadays we are in a strong market expansion. We are about to organize a launch with BetPlay in Colombia, with products specially customized for them. It is something very interesting, and BetPlay is still the leader in gaming development in the national market.”

“Another customer that is also present at the show is HDG Gaming Group. We have done a business development in Colombia with them, on their first international experience. They are a very strong and consolidated group in Italy. A year passed since they obtained the license; they are perceiving the first positive results and would evaluate to open in other markets that are being formalized in Latin America at the moment, such as Peru. And we also have another client at the event, Newgioco, which is thinking about internacionalizing the business; it is an American campaign with business in several countries, and in Italy, too, and now we are shaping a business plan with them.”

Then Monros added that, with regard to the issue of obtaining the necessary guarantees for the gaming activity in different countries, they are dealing with several customers, and remarks: “That’s why Italtronic participation on this event is vital.”

When consulted about the results obtained at ENADA, he affirmed: “The Italian market is mature, and suffers, on one hand, the social pressure of containing the gaming phenomenon into some parameters, and this situation always presents a give-and-take situation between the industry and the government, because it has to preserve the social part. It is an important aspect. The truth is that the fiscal pressure at the Italian market has now exceeded the acceptable in order to support an attractive product for the consumers, and this situation do requires a debate as the one we have lived these days. Besides, mature markets are in a concentration process and this is a clear case, so at the show there are less people in each edition, but they are more professional. Business do exist. It is a successful event and we are very happy.”

Finally, he talked about future shows. “Next year, we have two events that unfortunately e coincides with the dates, which as the Interazar show in Madrid and FADJA Colombia. We will assist to both. In May it will happen the same, because we have the Latin American Summit in Lima, where I will assist and participate at some of the activities scheduled, and one of our partners will be sponsor of the gala show. On the other hand, we will go to ICE Boston, the new event dedicated to online betting. Our Founding Partner Mario Brescianini will assist to the show, and there will be a VNE booth, too. We will be present at Las Vegas show, of course.”

ENADA 2019 - Rimini Expo Centre

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