15 April 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

FADJA Director made a successful evaluation of the show

(Bogotá, SoloAzar Exclusive).- José Aníbal Aguirre, FADJA Director, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which he made an evaluation of the recent show, commented the highlights and the countries that visited the event, among other issues. “We have had one of the most extraordinary editions in history,” he remarked.

 “At the 21st edition of FADJA, we have complied with our goals as organizers, but specifically those from the exhibitors, who have found a specialized public. We believe we have ha done of the most extraordinary editions in history, because the distribution of spaces, the architecture of the booths, the fact of having full occupancy, all of those things enabled to create a very special business environment,” Aguirre affirmed.

He then added: “All the stands had visitors; there were people for everyone. It is what really satisfied us; the fact that everyone has fulfilled their expectations, also the visitors, because they found a very varied, professional and well organized offer.”

When consulted on the highlights of the recent edition, he commented: “We have to highlight the inauguration, with all the institutional support from our trade unions, as well as the regulatory entity. This backing helps the show to continue being strong regarding market and industry influence, and I think the opening was one of the most  moving moments. Then, we have the new academic area included in the exhibition. And it is quite a novelty, because the training and culture issues within the Latin American industry is a bit difficult. However, we had a great assistance and we have had a great feedback to this format, which is new to Latin America. Besides, there were special moments in all the booths. There were local people, famous people, and all of this makes a very positive result.”

Aguirre then added that the list of countries that visited the show is long. “Countries from the ex Soviet Union, such as Russia and Ukraine, have visited us; those countries don`t have a regulation but they have many products related to poker. There are lots of expectations worldwide around online poker regulation in Latin America, starting by Colombia. And there are the countries that are traditional visitors: Slovenia with its roulettes, Bulgaria with its machines and its new online games, European countries such as Liechtenstein and Malta, and traditional exhibitors from US and Colombian manufacturers as well. I would say we have had 14 or 15 countries.”

When asked about the feedback of the show, Aguirre concluded: “Our visitors have congratulated us for being a very tidy organization, full of warmth and joy, and good energy inside the pavilion.


The date for the 2020 edition is confirmed: April 2 and 3.



The American Gaming Trade Show has become an effective marketing tool for manufacturers and casino operators from Colombia and the International market of the games of chance. The 21th edition will be held, once again, at Corferias exhibition center, in Bogota, and counts with 5,000 sqm for the booths’ exhibiting area.