17 April 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Chemtronic assisted to FADJA for the second year in a row

(Bogota, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Patricio Rocco, Chemtronic Technical Sales Manager, talked to SoloAzar during the participation of the company in FADJA. This year, the novelty is the release of the partnership between our distributor, Alianza Estratégica, and Automated Transactions."

"We are here in FADJA for the second consecutive year, after the success we had last year. This time, the novelty is the release of the partnership between our distributor, Alianza Estratégica, and Automated Transactions. We are presenting the same line, Slot Line Cleaners, as a technical support for all the deals and the commercialization support here in Colombia," said Patricio Rocco.

He then added: "Automated Transactions represents the Slot Line Cleaners here in Colombia, where our distributor, Alianzas Estratégicas, covers this region and qas in charge of generating strategic alliances in different countries such as Colombia and Mexico."

He also gave his opinion about the recent FADJA edition: "The first day was very tiring, full of people, we did not even have a break, and we expect the second day to be the same."

With regard to Chemtronic goals for this year, he pointed: "We mainly decided from the beginning of the year to focus abroad, to open the market, and strenghten our presence here in Colombia, as well as in Mexico and Peru, and start penetrating other markets, such as US and Australia, and we hope to have time to go to Europe."

Rocco also confirmed the importance that this region has for the company. "It is very important. It is a very attractive market due to the number of operations and machines operating there, so the opening is very tempting as well as coming here to FADJA for the second year in a row. In fact it is the third time we visit Colombia with Chemtronic, and our distributor has come 5 o 6 times more. In every presentation, it had a great success so it motivates us even more to consolidate our presence in the market."

He finally commented: "All the markets, before trying our products, would use conventional products. The new line, Slot Line Cleaners, is a solution for the technician and for the operation itself, because it saves time and money and improves the life cycle of the machine. Therefore, every market which does not use the line needs to implement it as a tool to improve the operation."

The next show for the company will be Peru Gaming Show.


The American Gaming Trade Show has become an effective marketing tool for manufacturers and casino operators from Colombia and the International market of the games of chance. The 21th edition will be held, once again, at Corferias exhibition center, in Bogota, and counts with 5,000 sqm for the booths’ exhibiting area.