22 April 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

B(o)ngo Gaming debuted at FADJA show

(Bogota, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Nina Krupitskaya, COO of B(o)ngo Gaming, was interviewed by SoloAzar within recent FADJA. She evaluated the firm's participation at the event and talks about the firm's incursion in Colombia.

B(o)ngo Gaming does video slot games for online casinos. "For now we are having about 40 high-quality games and we also have more partners which  distribute our games," said Krupitskaya.

"It is our first time in Colombia. We visited SAGSE Buenos Aires in Argentina, and we think maybe there are new possibilities in Colombia since they are starting to have a regulated market and there will be growth opportunities, and FADJA maybe is a good place to get in touch and meet new contacts," she pointed.

When asked about the performance of the firm at the show, she answered: "I couldn´t say that the interest in our company was very big. I think most of the visitors of the expo have arranged meetings previously and have come to visit certain companies and certain contacts. I think the market is still small and face-to-face, and new faces are still not very much appreciated, you know. However, we have had very interesting conversations but I think we will know the results in a month or so. Anyway, we are pretty excited to be here and we are here to understand more, to understand the companies, to see the faces we know from Buenos Aires, and, since we are going to have a business in here, we need to make connection and we are going step by step." Then, she was consulted about the Colombian market. "For now, we know that there are 15 to 20 operators. Unfortunately, there is a very slow process to make connections and understand what is going on, where is the biggest traffic. First of all, we need to get contacts, then we need our games to pass through the integration process, then we need to work out with Account Management, so there is a process of at least 6 to 8 months."

Next shows for B(o)ngo Gaming are: Juegos Miami, and maybe Peru and San Pablo, in Brazil. "We haven´t decided if we will return to SAGSE this year, yet," she concluded.


The American Gaming Trade Show has become an effective marketing tool for manufacturers and casino operators from Colombia and the International market of the games of chance. The 21th edition will be held, once again, at Corferias exhibition center, in Bogota, and counts with 5,000 sqm for the booths’ exhibiting area.