23 April 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

MGA presented its latest innovations in Fer Interazar

(Madrid, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Artur Porta, General Director of the Industrial Division of MGA, was interviewed by SoloAzar during Madrid event. He talked about two novelties introduced: Blackjack and the launch of the Luxury roulette. "The event was a total success for the sector and for MGA in particular, with the presentation of its products," he commented.

"On the current edition of Fer Interazar, two novelties have been introduced. The new Blackjack, a well-known and successful game in the casino world, which now reaches gambling halls to complement the current roulette offer; in this occasion Blackjack is a dynamic, attractive, economic and profitable product; no doubt it is the most evolutioned of the market and with the greatest possibilities of game and configuration, multitable, with multiple hands and playing in different casinos and with different rules according to the players´desires,"  said Artur Porta.

"The second novelty is the launch of our LUXURY roulette, as a top product that incorporates all the options available, a machine with an excellent reliability and an excellent audio quality, an illumination kit of the cockpit with monitoring of the ball, a PIP Window system with option to bring content in the screen of the console, from sports transmissions until the value of the casino jackports and many other functionalities," he added.

When consulted about the show, Porta expressed satisfaction: "In our case, and consudering that due to the success of the product it was almost impossible for me to visit the show during the visiting hours, I should day that the event was a total success for the sector and for MGA in particular, with the presentation of its products."

After that, he gave his impression on the visitors feedback: "A clear recognition and gratitude to the operators that already know us and have our roulettes and a great illusion and curiosity for the new Blackjack, a really desired product which has always been difficult to obtain profitability."

Regarding the type of player targeted by the firm, he added the following: "MGA has always characterized by the development of specific products for the casino and bingo market, like roulettes and blackjack, among others."

"Our products have a clear focus on entertaining players, manufacturing funny machines and satisfying the operator's rofitability," he remarked.When consulted about the way in which the legal frame influences product development, he answered: "Regulations have been converging as time goes by, and there are more similarities than differences now, despite that, it is still necessary to homologate in every autonomous community and the small differences sometimes are complex at a technical level. At last, sometimes, considering the size of the market, and the effort, perhaps you may end up rejecting certain communities and, as a consequence, such communities do not have many products and so the casino offer is poorer."

He then gave his opinion with regard to the evolution of traditional gaming and online gaming: "Online gaming has not generated the impact that certain voices said it would have over traditional gaming, and, after some years of coexistence, the number of casinos and the gaming level has not diminished. However, it is true that the visibility that the online gaming sector has acquired and its excessive presence on the media has probably created crossed synergies and multi-channel players, who play on a device and also on a traditional casino."

"Dynamics of consumption vary with the years and probably gaming is obtaining an importance it has never had before, for example, in the 90’s people spent part of its income with the famous “sms” among other things, and now they enjoy in leisure, gaming or whatever, in general, society is mature towards its decisions with sensibility and prudence," he concluded.

Fer-Interazar 2019

The International Gaming and Gamblilng Trade Show, Fer-Interazar, is a Business Center and a Professional Meeting Point for operators, manufacturers, regulators and more, who meet in Madrid, key point of the industry calendar. Once again, it opens its la