25 April 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Win Systems presented its novelties for the Spanish market at Madrid show

(Madrid, Exclusive SoloAzar).- Ignacio García del Frade, Business Development Spain de Win Systems, talked to SoloAzar during the participation o the company at Madrid event, in which it introduced its electronic roulettes and its new casino management system. "The event is a reflection of the current situation of the sector in Spain; the sector is growing a lot, it is dynamic and has lots of innovations,” García del Frade said.

"On top of our machines, this year we brought to Madrid our Gold Club electronic roulettes, which are very well-known in the Spanish market, as well as our Game Star machines, of which we have a specific model for the Spanish gambling halls: GameStar Arcadia. The great novelty this year is Wigos One, our casino management system that allows operators with multiple gambling halls and casinos to manage all the gaming actions in only one system,” García del Frade affirmed.

When consulted about the show, he said the following: “It is a reflection of the gaming scenario in Spain; it is a sector which is growing, it is dynamic, with lots of innovations and each time more professional. This show gathers all the top operators and providers of the sector”.

Regarding Win Systems products introduced in Spain, he pointed: "The Spanish market has gambling halls and casinos with different needs and specifications. That's why we are developing Wigos One, customized for the casino operation in Spain and based on Wigos experience, which currently connects more than 85,000 machines in 310 casinos around the world. Regarding Gold Club electronic roulettes, as our new GameStar Arcadia machines, they are specifically thought for the Spanish market and the Spanish player."

When talking about the evolution of traditional gaming and online gaming, he said it is a hot topic within the sector. “The issue generates and intense debate in the sector, but , in the end, you see that both types of gaming will keep converging more and more. We will have two types of platforms, land-based and online, which will complement and will be more integrated. As manufacturers, we will have to understand that there are not two different platforms, and the player can choose one or another depending on the moment. And we have to be capable of integrating both.”

The Spanish market, together with Italy, are probably the most dynamic markets in Europe. The Spanish market is growing a lot and the sector is very professional on its two versions: online and traditional. That’s why, for Win Systems, this is a strategic market which continues growing,” he concluded.

Fer-Interazar 2019

The International Gaming and Gamblilng Trade Show, Fer-Interazar, is a Business Center and a Professional Meeting Point for operators, manufacturers, regulators and more, who meet in Madrid, key point of the industry calendar. Once again, it opens its la