29 April 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Team Seven consultant firm made its presentation in FADJA

(Bogota, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Ana María Padros, founder and general manager of Team Seven, talked in exclusive with SoloAzar during FADJA show about the new consulting company dedicated to marketing for the games of chance industry.

"Team Seven is a boutique consulting company dedicated to the marketing for the games of chance sector at a regional level. I have more than 20 years of experience, which enables me to offer marketing services with guaranteed results,” said Ana María Padrós.

"The companies interested in our services can contact me directly, I am the face and the head of the firm, but, depending on the project, I seek for the proper professionals to attend the requirements of the customer. That`s why I offer marketing and consumer studies, competence studies, and I can also handle everything related to social networks. I lead a group of professionals who manage everything for the companies,” she added.

When making an evaluation about FADJA and Team Seven presentation, she affirmed: “It has exceeded our expectations, I have found a very good market feedback. I have had interesting conversations, they have talked some material and we have arranged to meet after the show, and this is mostly what FADJA is about. I think results will be very positive. I am quite satisfied with it.”

She also pointed: "There are regional companies which have shown interest in our modular services, so they don’t need to contact me as an external marketing manager but they can hire me as an agency for specific services. There are brands that can also be represented by Team Seven. The agency not only will dedicate to consulting services but also to represent brands.

"The gaming sector is very rich to operate; it is solid and has lots of potential. There are more mature markets, such as Peru, and others which are growing, but let’s say that the market continues evolving, such as sportsbooks and online casinos, which is a potential market for the future.”

When consulted about the future steps of the company, Ana María Padrós said they will assist to an event for regulators and another for operators in May, and then to Peru Gaming Show in June. After that, SAGSE Buenos Aires and G2E Las Vegas. "We have to work very hard in relationships with the people of the sector, and start showing what Team Seven can do, and manage to reach the most important places in the industry with a consolidated product.”

It is a boutique consulting company because we generate value for our customers through a customized contact. We become part of the team, we are a group of professionals with wide experience and prestige, generating results at a very affordable cost,” she concluded.


The American Gaming Trade Show has become an effective marketing tool for manufacturers and casino operators from Colombia and the International market of the games of chance. The 21th edition will be held, once again, at Corferias exhibition center, in Bogota, and counts with 5,000 sqm for the booths’ exhibiting area.