31 May 2019
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

A2Secure offers its security services at Juegos Miami

(Miami, Exclusive SoloAzar).- Albert Morell, Co-Founder and partner at A2Secure, granted an interview to SoloAzar within Juegos Miami. The Spanish security company debuted at this event with two specific products: ethical hacking and a security norm for companies aiming to operate with credit cards.

"As a security company, we have focused on online commerce and subjects related to the touristic sector; several contacts and customers have explained us that the online gaming issue is starting to grow in all the Latin American region; therefore it is a potential customer and it is atractive for us; we will offer our services there," Morell affirmed.

"From our portfolio, we have presented two specific products, one of them is called ethical hacking,  in which we hire our hackers to evaluate the security of our customers. Then, we hand them a report in which we explain what do they have to correct in order not to be vulnerable. We have also presented a security norm for companies wishing to operate with credit cards. This norm is developed by VISA; Mastercard, AMEX, because we are a certified company in order to perform this type of services and audits," he added.

The company is based on Barcelona and Madrid, and it is currently working to open an office in Colombia.

"We have several services. Some of them require physical presence, so, currenty, we can offer that type of services in those places in which we have an office. However, at an international level, we offer remote services, and right now we already have customers in all the continents except Oceania. We have customers in Africa, in America, Europe, Asia, so nowadays it is easy to work from anywhere in the world though Internet."

When consulted about the result of their participation at Juegos Miami, Morell answered the following: "I have to admit that the first morning has started a bit weak, but then it has improved, and we are happy so far.  Anyway, we have not had a very precise idea, because we didn´t know how it was."

Regarding the visitors' feedback, he said: "We have found all type of comments, from people that say they do not have any trouble to people that realize they have to start worrying about the matter. Others, even in a quick conversation, show that they understand the issue and incorporate it as something to be considered."

The next show for A2Secure is a cyber-security congress in Leon, Spain, while they evaluate their participation in other shows .


Once again the event created especially to cover the strong demand of Latin American operators is carried out in Miami. Three days of conferences and training courses, added to the exhibition, bringing together senior stakeholders in strategic positions, across casino, bingo, betting, sports betting, lottery and social.