5 June 2019
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

´The growth of Juegos Miami corresponds to the growth of the industry itself,´ organizers said

(Miami, Exclusive SoloAzar).- Layla Ali, Conference Producer, Gaming at Clarion Events, granted an interview to SoloAzar with regard to recent Juegos Miami show. She made an evaluation of the event and commented details about the recent edition.

What were the highlights at recent Juegos Miami edition? What evaluation can you make of the event in general?

This edition had two highlights. On the first place, this year it gathered more representatives of Latin American countries than in previous years. We count with the participation and presence of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Secondly, the format of the show was changed in order to improve the flow of assistants for the Country Club Ballroom. Every day we start at the show for breakfast, we met there for lunch after the conferences every day and also installed round tables of countries there. As we organized it this way, we created a common space for assistants, speakers and sponsors, and that networking was really one of the strengths of Juegos Miami.

 We are constantly revising Juegos Miami in order to improve it, and I believe in general, this year’s edition is the closest we have had to achieve the model. The following months we will be working to collect comments, reviews and suggestions from visitors and sponsors in order to evaluate and proceed.

Which is the key success of Juegos Miami? What differences does it have compared to other shows and why do visitors choose it?

Juegos Miami cannot be compared to other shows, because in the end it does not have the same format. It is neither an exhibition with a conference, nor a conference with an exhibition. I consider it as a general annual meeting for the Latin American gaming industry. This show provides spaces for learning, networking and solutions to technical and product needs for the sector. I think visitors choose it because it is an opportunity to enter in a popular and international place such as Biltmore and Miami in general, to work in a social and collaborative way, and have access to al business needs no matter the country or type of game. We have everything.


It is a relatively new show, What do you think about the strenght with which it started several editions ago and the growth year after year? The 2019 edition is the fourth of the event. With regard to the strength at the beginning, I think it is due to the need to find a place in which gather all the Latin American gaming industry. The contribution to shows in individual countries are fantastic inside their jurisdictions, and attract both local and international companies. However, there wasn’t an event in a neutral place such as Miami, for all the countries, and I think networking and business for the industry are easier.

The growth of Juegos Miami corresponds to the growth of the industry itself. Since we launched the show in 2016, Colombia has regulated online gaming and has 18 licenses,  the province of Buenos Aires also regulated online gaming and is about to grant licenses, Brazil approved a law to legalize sportsbooks and is entering a regulation process. Peru and Puerto Rico are about to legalize online gaming, and without mentioning Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay which all have some type of development or movement, maybe within a regulatory frame of future games and the current situation of land-based gaming. The more markets regulate the activity, the more opportunities exist to achieve licenses and the more need there is for products and solutions, and that is what the event is for: to bring a space so the industry can meet and talk about those businesses.

How important is the leisure moment within a context such as Juegos Miami, considering they organized leisure and touristic activities? What was the feedback from visitors?

All the assistants come to the show to work hard, it is shown in the number of meetings, the conversations at roundtables and the number of questions and the level of interaction between visitors and speakers at the conferences. However, it does not mean that the social part is not important, too. That’s why this year we organized touristic activities after the show, to bring everyone the chance to relax, enjoy Miami attractions and meet others in a different environment. I think everyone enjoyed the activities a lot, although it is still early for specific comments.



Once again the event created especially to cover the strong demand of Latin American operators is carried out in Miami. Three days of conferences and training courses, added to the exhibition, bringing together senior stakeholders in strategic positions, across casino, bingo, betting, sports betting, lottery and social.