14 June 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Miguélez Seating brought its products to Expojoc 2019

(Valencia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- During the last edition of Expojoc, which took place on June 11 and 12 at Feria Valencia, SoloAzar interviewed exclusively Jairo Alvarez Alvares, who represents the firm Miguélez Seating. "We want to highlight our range of armchairs and stools, whose development is always based on 3 fundamental pillars: quality, design and innovation," he said.

What are the main novelties that you are presenting in the show?

Without being a novelty, our flagship products are the stools with multifunction systems. These are large format stools that incorporate a self-centering and leveling mechanism, that is: They recover their maximum height and position in front of the slot machine once the user leaves the post. This peculiarity means that the rooms are always kept in order, with each station ready for the next player. All our models can incorporate these devices.

Apart from this, the latest novelty that we have recently released to the market from Miguélez Seating is a range of chairs oriented to the HORECA sector.

These chairs combine a classic design, with the latest advances in technological systems, designed for user comfort. Its design evokes the decoration of centennial and iconic European hotels and hence the name of these chairs: Brussels, Prague, Sofia and Vienna.

What specific products do you bring to this market?

During the fair we expose some of our most successful products on the market, specially designed for use in casinos, bingo halls or betting rooms.

Above all, we want to highlight our range of armchairs and stools, whose development is always based on 3 fundamental pillars: quality, design and innovation.

In this sense, we emphasize the developed systems, some of them patented, by our R & D department during the last years in order to improve the usability of these products.

What goals and expectations do you have for the show and for the Spanish market?

What we seek is to reach our potential customers all the advantages of our products. These are based, as we have already emphasized, on patented technological developments that improve quality without them resulting in an increase in prices.

We are aware that, in this market, ergonomic designs are demanded that must affect the comfort of the players. This implies the inclusion of height adjustment systems with recovery, seats of variable density sectorized, elastic backs, etc.

And this is what we offer our customers, with the guarantee of compliance with the most demanding quality standards, such as BIFMA, BS and UNE-EN and with the 7-year guarantee on all the non-upholstered components of the stool models and armchairs.

Thanks to that, we are one of the leading companies in the sector, within the national and European market and of course our goal is to consolidate our presence in these markets.

How do you see this edition of the show?

Expojoc is one of the reference fairs of the gaming sector within our country and that is why we go to it with our best expectations.

Undoubtedly, in this fair we will be able to discover the latest technological innovations both for land-based and online games, as well as aspects related to regulations.

But fundamentally Expojoc is a fair that offers us magnificent business opportunities and a much needed feedback with all market agents.

Expojoc 2019

Expojoc is the 1st Game Congress Expo organized in the Valencian Community. Conferences, debate, analysis, ideas and networking bring together regulators and entrepreneurs in this event organized with the collaboration of the Generalitat Valenciana.