18 June 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

MGA brought its products to Expojoc 2019

(Valencia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Last week in Valencia a new edition of Expojoc was held, where SoloAzar spoke exclusively with Artur Porta, General Director of the Industrial Division of MGA. "It has been the ideal opportunity to get closer to the operators in the area and surroundings," he said of the event.

What are the main novelties that you are presenting in the show?

We have brought our 2019 novelties to Expojoc: our Blackjack and the MGA Luxury roulette.

The launch of Blackjack took place last April at FIJMA 2019 and was very well received and here at Expojoc has also been the center of attention.

Our Blackjack table is atypical in that it includes certain differential points: the automatic game option, in which the machine suggests and applies the best game strategy; the possibility of interaction with other players at the table; access to game statistics and chronological information of plays; the system of additional bets, which allows the player to bet and increase their profits by basing their bet on the croupier's hand.

In this way we have created a machine that allows a dynamic game with many options, which allows creating a pleasant gaming experience for all types of players: from the most traditional to the one that usually plays online and from the amateur to the most experienced player. All of them will find in this machine a moment of fun and entertainment. For this reason the operator, with the Blackjack of MGA Industrial, manages to make his salon much more attractive, with a profitable machine and that is the perfect complement to the electronic roulette.

In this sense, and aware that roulette is still the strong point of many salons and, of course, ours, we have evolved our high-end product (DLX model) to achieve a product with which to offer the most demanding users the best gaming experience This is how the MGA Luxury was born, which comes standard with a full kit of added benefits and is positioned in the market as the top of the electronic roulette with an optimal quality / price ratio.


What specific products do you bring to this market?

In addition to the aforementioned novelties, Blackjack and MGA Luxury, we continue to strengthen our version of compact roulette, MGA Compact, which remains the best option for operators who do not want to give up the quality and technical excellence of MGA Industrial and need contained dimensions .

We are also immersed in a couple of interesting projects to develop slots adapted to the Spanish market. In fact we are already positioning product in some salons and we predict a good reception by the player and the operator.

And I do not want to forget to mention that for the first time we have brought to Expojoc a representation of our Arcade products. We are distributors of first brands that we previously tested to be able to offer our clients only those products that we are sure to be able to guarantee with our seal of quality. This, together with more than 40 years of experience in the sector and the excellence that characterizes our after-sales service, allows us to position ourselves as the ideal partner in the field of family entertainment.


What goals and expectations do you have for the show and for the Spanish market?

Our idea for 2019 is to consolidate ourselves as experts in roulettes with the MGA Luxury model and to continue the just started walking with our Blackjack. As I have already mentioned, we do not forget about other products such as the MGA Compact, waterfalls, slots... We want our customers to perceive us as a "global" partner and, in fact, today, we could supply most of the products that make up a room and, most importantly, support them with our knowledge, experience and quality of service.


How do you see this edition of the show?

It has been the ideal opportunity to get closer to the operators in the area and surroundings. Sometimes other larger events do not allow reaching all operators. Expojoc is a more "collected" event and we have been able to reconnect with some clients whom we had not yet been able to show and explain our 2019 novelties.

Expojoc 2019

Expojoc is the 1st Game Congress Expo organized in the Valencian Community. Conferences, debate, analysis, ideas and networking bring together regulators and entrepreneurs in this event organized with the collaboration of the Generalitat Valenciana.