25 June 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

BYA Group presented its new catalogue image in Peru Gaming Show

(Lima, Exclusive SoloAzar).- César Baez, BYA Group General Director, talked to SoloAzar about the presentation of its products at recent PGS show. From its booth, he gave details about the different models of chairs and seats, not only for casinos but also for sportsbooks, restaurants and offices.

"In this edition of Perú Gaming Show, we are introducing our new catalogue image. We already have it digital, but it is also being printed; we only had to add two or three chair options to complement, because our clients usually see us as a solution for many requirements. So, as they consider us for the chairs and the machines, they also consider to get chairs for restaurants, and armchairs for sportsbooks. We are presenting a new line of sofas for sportsbooks, with a folding table, which bring the necessary angle of inclination so you can be a bit reclined and see the sceens from the sportsbook. We are introducing it in Peru. We will also have chairs for restaurants, chairs for bars, because we are frequently asked to adapt the casino chair to a greater height for a bar; so we want to release chairs for bars. We are also expanding to office chairs, because casinos also require them. We have searched some models of the brand we manage, and we are also putting them on Bya Group catalogue," Báez detailed.

He then added: "Every year I come to Peru, the general requirement is a chair with an adjustable height. I don't like them most, because, in order to regulate height, we have to do it with a gas piston. We use a high-quality class 3 piston. However, the mechanism that does not have an adjustable height is tougher than the one which has it, which has a mechanism made in US with a memory return. We now have a new base, which we have presented in London and is called London. We have a plate, which would be the circle, and then we have a pillar including a ring made in only one piece. I have now designed a base, which is the disk, and then it comes a mini-pillar with the rign, and then it comes the pillar extention. By putting the three pieces together, we can have a chair for an upright machine. If we take the central screw, we can take away the mini-pillar with the rign, and this way, we can have a slant-top machine. It means that if we sell a chair with the London base, you can have 300 or 400 chairs, and, when you put them in your firm or your casino, you can adjust them to be upright or slant-top. This design has that great advantage."

He then talked about another design: "It is the Boston base. We made it 4 years ago and it brings a screw on the inside. So we turn a knob, release the pillar, turn to the right and we can have a lower chair. We press the knob, and both in London or Boston base, we continue having the mechanism with the return memory, imported from USA. Those are mechanic height adjustments."

When evaluating PGS, he assured: "I see the show in a very positive way, because people already knows us, and they talk about us in a good way. Besides, we are finding the way to reach the Peruvian market in a faster way, the same as it happened in Colombia. The great advantage is that Ana Isabel is in Colombia, so we have a place in which we have chairs in stock, because COlombia has many gambling halls with 30 or 40 chairs. In Peru it is the same, but we don't have a store here. As soon as we have it, we will be able to generate a constant rotation of chairs."

Finally, he anticipated projects for their next show: "We will go to G2E Las Vegas, where there are big projects. We have a good performance there, and people from all the world visits Las Vegas; we are happy to greet them and present our products there. On the next edition we will have a very pretty show in order to present the sofas for sportsbooks, the chairs for the restaurant and all our new chairs."

Peru Gaming Show 2019 - PGS

PGS takes place in Lima during two days with conferences, networking and exhibition of products and services in which the most important operators and suppliers of the Latin American gaming sector are present.