25 June 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Biocryptology made its debut at the recent EXPOJOC fair

(Valencia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Alejandro Kowalski, Director of Biocryptology, was interviewed by SoloAzar as part of his participation in EXPOJOC. The company provides a transversal service for the physical and online identification of people in a safe way and without the need for surveillance, offering solutions not only for the gaming sector but also for other sectors of the industry.

The identification of the user is based on biometrics and uses the mobile phone as a reader. The Biocryptology platform uses the information from the DNI, previously verified and stored, to determine if the user is allowed to enter the game rooms. To use this solution, just install the application on your mobile, create a user account and include personal identity and contact information. The Biocryptology platform adds to the biometrics verified data of identity and contact of the people, achieving its univocal and safe identification. Users register once in Biocryptology and can operate on any channel (mobile phone, computer, in person ...) with their mobile phone.

"We are an identification company," says Kowalski, speaking about the firm. "We identify and authenticate people, an element that is essential in the game market, you have to know who is entering, if it meets the characteristics required to enter and play in the room. It is not a specific solution for a specific company but it is for everyone, not only in the gaming sector but also in the financial sector, e-commerce and any sector in which you need personal information of the people with whom you are dealing."

"This is our first participation in EXPOJOC, because the market launch of the company is recent, and at the end of last year we started to make ourselves known at an event called Money 20/20, which was the launch of our solution. It is a completely transversal service, not only for the gaming sector but for any sector, so we started there and now we are in the process of searching for leading companies that want to start working with us," says Kowalski.

"Cuando hablamos del mercado español en el sector del juego, lo importante a considerar es que el sector del juego, tanto en España como en otras partes del mundo, es un sector completamente regulado, lo cual hace que el servicio que nosotros ofrecemos encaje a la perfección. La importancia de España es que es un país que sirve de ejemplo para muchos otros países en América Latina, que se basan mucho en las regulaciones que se implantan aquí en España. Y lo hace más interesante aún dado que hay varias regulaciones que son a nivel de comunidad, por lo tanto, regulaciones específicas a nivel local, con lo cual nosotros cubrimos todo lo que se requiere y eso lo hace aún más interesante", agregó.

"When we talk about the Spanish market in the gaming sector, the important thing to consider is that the gaming sector, both in Spain and in other parts of the world, is a completely regulated sector, which makes the service we offer to fit perfectly.The importance of Spain is that it is a country that serves as an example for many other countries in Latin America, which rely heavily on the regulations that are implemented here in Spain. And it makes it even more interesting given that there are several regulations that are at the community level, therefore, specific regulations at the local level, with which we cover everything that is required and that makes it even more interesting, " he added.

Finally, he made a report about his participation in the Valencia fair: "More than meeting, we exceeded our expectations, we had a presentation on the key aspects of identification, which is what we do, a service of identifying people, and we had Full room, even the Fair's organizer, José Ignacio Ferrer, congratulated us and told us that he was impressed by the large number of people who attended the presentation."

Expojoc 2019

Expojoc is the 1st Game Congress Expo organized in the Valencian Community. Conferences, debate, analysis, ideas and networking bring together regulators and entrepreneurs in this event organized with the collaboration of the Generalitat Valenciana.