5 July 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

BetGames.TV debuted at BGC

(San Pablo, Exclusive SoloAzar).- Eduardo Morales, BetGames.TV Commercial Director for Latin America, was interviewed by SoloAzar during Brazilian Gaming Congress. The software manufacturer exhibited for the first time at the show, as part of its aim to expand its presence in Latin America.

On the first place, Morales explained that BetGames.TV is a Lithuanian software manufacturer to add operators or platforms working with games of chance operators, both online and tradicional. Its main characteristic are live games with croupiers, and they make the scenography of the games on studios, with a TV-style level, combined with a software that enables to make bets on that streaming production of the games.

When consulted about the firm’s debut at the show, he said: “In order to have a good impression, the first thing I do is have a close comparison with other Latin American shows. After having assisted to Juegos Miami and Peru Gaming Show, I think it is an interesting event for the Brazilian market, which is in an embryonic state towards regulation, however, it has a lot of gaming activity, so it is a different and particular market compared to Peru and the rest of Latin America. I think it is an interesting environment and we can find many operators and regulators within a grey area.”

With regard to the Brazilian market, Morales details: “I see it is very good because it has products with are easy to understand for users, and quick towards gaming. They have attractive jackpots but not so excessive that they can take to a gambling addiction. If the market is regulated, it will be much more favorable for us and for the gambler, too.”

Finally, he explained the plans of the company according to its area: “Obviosly Latin America, and we are concentrating in countries that, right now, have more activity at operators level or have a more active regulation. I think the largest aim before the end of the year is SAGSE event in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And obviously, to continue reaching other markets at associations’ level or travel to visit operators in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay.”

Brazilian Gaming Congress - BgC 2019

BgC 2019 - provides knowledge in terms of regulation, taxation and control in Brazil, at a time when the industry is struggling to catch up with the legislation and understand the probability that different forms of gaming will be regulated. It also offers the opportunity to meet the right people to thrive in the growing Latin American gaming market.