8 July 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

Online IPS Brazil participated at latest BgC

(San Pablo, Exclusive SoloAzar).- Witoldo Hendrich Jr. , Founding Partner of Online IPS Brazil, granted an interview to SoloAzar within Brazilian Gaming Congress, where the provider of omni-channel payment solutions has participated recently. “We are very happy to sponsor the event one more year,” said Hendrich.

 “We are going to speak a little bit about the payment methods for sportsbetting in the country, and also about some marketing opportunities for gambling and sports bet. So I am very happy to participate one again, and the expectation is that, right now, we are finally feeling that we are going in the right direction,”Hendrich affirmed.

He then continued talking about BgC show:“It’s the fifth year, I think, we come to BGC.  I can see that this year there are much more booths and sponsorships. It looks like much more directed to online operators, like in the past we had some sponsors and some booths here related to money counting machines so we had in the past people more focused on the land based gaming. This year we have people from online gaming, and they seem to be really betting to this market.”

When asked about the Brazilian market, he commented the following: “It’s a continental size country with 200.000.000 people. For example, the population of Rio de Janeiro is the same as Portugal. The market is huge and we have a place for everybody here. It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be online or land-based, or, in this case, if it’s going to be a bingo house or a resort casino, or a normal land-based casino. What I see is that most of the mistakes we made in the past were trying to create some niche to the Brazilian market. We don’t need to create a niche. We have a niche for everybody because of the size of the country. So what I see is that if we manage the activity according to the legislation, we will have the chance to create here one of the top 5 markets around the world.”

Brazilian Gaming Congress - BgC 2019

BgC 2019 - provides knowledge in terms of regulation, taxation and control in Brazil, at a time when the industry is struggling to catch up with the legislation and understand the probability that different forms of gaming will be regulated. It also offers the opportunity to meet the right people to thrive in the growing Latin American gaming market.