11 July 2019
SoloAzar Exclusive

NetBet participated for the first time at Brazilian Gaming Congress

(San Pablo, Exclusive SoloAzar).- Maria Noel Pais, NetBet Acquisition Manager, granted an interview to SoloAzar within recent Brazilian Gaming Congress. She talked about the activities of the company, the markets in which it participates and its current focus on Latin America, among other issues.

NetBet is an online sportsbetting and online casino website. "We have participated in many markets and, approximately two years ago, we started focusing on the Brazilian market. A team was created specially for Brazil and the website was made according to the Portuguese language," said María Noel Pais, who then added: "We have customer care with Braziian natives. I am Uruguayan but I have lived for many years at the frontier, and I have that cultural background. The headquarters of the company are in London, but for each market there is a smaller team that responds to London in several general issues. We manage to act locally with local people, in order to have a better result."

It is the first time that the firm participates at BgC. "This year we have participated in some other shows performed in Brazil, and this is the one that, in our view, has the highest level; it has more networking and a more direct focus on gambling, so we are quite happy," affirmed Pais.

With regard to the conferences within the show, she commented: "They are interesting because we are just in a moment where it is important to be updated and listen to every opinion, every person involved in the regulatory issue. We are supporting the process 100%, in fact, we are sponsoring football clubs. We also have other wagers on top of football: even darts and e-sports, however, in Brazil specifically, we wanted to support football, which is the strongest sport in Brazil."

When evaluating the Brazilian market, Pais remarked: "As a company, we have had a very good feedback from players, and, we have increased it now, after having started our sponsor activity, because it has generate confidence. Due to the fact that it is a grey market, where there is no regulation, there is an insecurity on people because, if a company wants to leave tomorrow, it can leave with your money, so, when demonstrating as a company that we are interested in investing in the market, people started trusting more, not only users but also affiliates, which bring more traffic, and also have their money involved. With football clubs we have also generated a very nice interaction."

Brazilian Gaming Congress - BgC 2019

BgC 2019 - provides knowledge in terms of regulation, taxation and control in Brazil, at a time when the industry is struggling to catch up with the legislation and understand the probability that different forms of gaming will be regulated. It also offers the opportunity to meet the right people to thrive in the growing Latin American gaming market.