11 November 2019
South Africa
SoloAzar Exclusive

Successful results for the second ICE Africa edition, said Clarion Gaming MD

(South Africa, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Kate Chambers, Managing Director, Clarion Gaming, granted an interview to SoloAzar in which she made an evaluation about the second edition of ICE Africa, the feedback received and the plans of the organizing company for the next year.

How was the second edition of ICE Africa?
There was certainly a buzz and an energy to the event from the very start to its completion.  It’s not uncommon for events to struggle in their second year but I think the level of support that we received from the industry in Africa has helped sustain the enthusiasm and the momentum.  We succeeded in attracting representatives from more African nations, the attendance increased and it felt like an exciting and buoyant business event for the African industry.  I am a great believer that there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect show’ and we are very conscious that we have a lot to work on as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.
What comments have you received on the event?
We take every comment that we receive extremely seriously as they provide the most accurate measure of performance.  From an exhibitor perspective, in general they were happy with what they experienced: they were able to have bigger stands than in 2018 which was well received and contributed to the overall theatre and look of ICE Africa 2019.  The make-up and the geographical spread of the visitor base meant that exhibitors were able to engage with everyone that they set out to meet.  The anecdotal response from visitors has also been positive and confirms that the objective of creating a showcase event that the African industry can be proud of, has to a large extent, been met.  I should stress that this is a journey that does not have a destination, which is why we are constantly looking for ways in which the experience of attending any of our events can be improved.
How was the ICE Africa Champions initiative?
ICE Africa Champions was an initiative that came from within the Clarion Gaming team and I’m delighted that it proved to be such a popular part of the ICE Africa experience.  Of course, as with all new ideas, there are some aspects that require some fine tuning, but it’s important to always be looking to bring fresh ideas and thinking to the event.  What it demonstrated was the trust the market has in the ICE Africa brand to be the event they look to for objective and detailed insight on markets and the business development opportunities that exist.
Did the Women in Gaming event meet your expectations?
Women In Gaming was another great initiative that we were proud to run throughout the campaign and culminating in the breakfast at ICE Africa which was full to capacity.  It is very important that we continue to develop as a brand in this way and I would like to place on record thanks to all of our supporters and sponsors for helping to make Women In Gaming such a successful landmark event.
What is the importance of an event like ICE Africa in the region and are you planning for the third edition?
There’s a huge need for professionally run, dedicated, business-to-business events such as ICE Africa.  All of the metrics that we use to judge an event confirm this as does the feedback and the conversations that we have had with stakeholders.  ICE Africa can only be successful if it wins the support of the companies, the decision-makers, the buyers, the operators and the regulators who make-up the tapestry of the African gaming industry.  We have built strong and productive relationships with the industry in Africa and we have already started working with them on the campaign and content for ICE Africa 2020 which will take place across 28th and 29th October at the Sandton.


ICE Africa is the Pan-African event, organized by Clarion Gaming, with a clear goal: to help to drive business growth, as well as strategic, sustainable and actionable plans in a growing market full of potential.