14 February 2020
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

Worldmatch introduced Dream "SET" at recent ICE 2020

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Worldmatch exhibited its new Dream Set, a tool for operator helping, as well as its multiline slots, at recent ICE show. Estefania Venegas, its Regional Manager Latam, said that the firm is very interested in the opportunities that regulated European markets can offer, among other issues.

"At ICE London we will be introducing Dream “SET” a great and promising tool for operator helping with player’s retention at the online casino. Dream Set was created to reply user’s playing experience getting inside the casino," Venegas said.

"The product that stands out at the show are our multiline slots. We prepared new actualization of our games in order to offer better usability to the players," she added.

Venegas then talked about the importance of the licensing process for the firm: "Worldmatch has been granted and is in the process of getting new europeans licenses among them: Spanish, Italian, UK and Portuguese.  This means the company is very much interested in the opportunities that regulated European market can offer. In some countries Worldmatch is already considered a top provider for its investment and persistence to establish a regulated contact with top providers."

"ICE is one of the most important international gaming events where Worldmatch has been participating for the last 10 years. ICE has become the place to be for all the stakeholders in the sector. Is the place where we commit and allow operators and suppliers around the World to meet and introduce their product, services and visionary expectations," she pointed.

With regard to the calendar of events for the rest of the year, she commented: "Worldmatch is always interested in taking part of the main gaming international events. For this year we will be evaluating the prospective of some event in Latam to reinforce our presence in those markets where we are interested to establish a close relations with operators and stakeholders. Worldmatch will also participate in all the top events across Europe.This year we will as well take part in the events in the US." When asked if Brexit would affect the regional industry, she answered: "By the moment we have to wait to see how the political situation will evolve in the next few days and understand what kind of agreement they will accord with EU. Likewise, we already had certificate our games and we are looking forward to starting partnerships with operators in the country. In the next six months at the end of the dealing process we will have a precise  idea of how it would affect the evolution of operators and providers in the sector. Apart UK we are very strong in other European markets where also we are available to work, thanks to every jurisdiccional certification we had made till the moment and those in process."

Venegas then mentioned the goals that the firm expects to achieve this year: "Our main challenge is to reach new markets and integrate with top’s operators around the world, by now we are certifying our games for the UK and Portuguese Markets and this will allow us to close our undergoing commercial deals. According to these Worldmatch keeps growing by adding talented and key people to its Global Team, in order to reach these objectives."

We accompany the evolution of players through our marketing tools and the support we offer to the operator. We follow and study the particular characteristics of every market were we already provide games to enhance our games offer and the player experience. We try to educate the most our international team and we try to transmit knowledge to the operator so he can benefit the most of our directioning and infrastructure system to reward the player," she concluded. 

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