7 May 2020
United Kingdom
SoloAzar Exclusive

Mindway AI participated at recent SBC Digital Event

(London, SoloAzar Exclusive).- CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard, Mindway AI ApS, granted an interview to SoloAzar, in which he spoke about the participation of the firm at SBC Digital Event. "Our main purpose is to promote our approach and solutions to Responsible Gambling based on AI and neuroscience," he said.

What were your expectations towards new SBC Digital event?

It's the first time that we are attending a Digital event like this. We are really excited to try this new opportunity and to gain valuable experience from exhibiting virtually. We hope to get in contact with a lot of new people in the gambling industry as well as get in touch with people we already know. Our main purpose is to promote our approach and solutions to Responsible Gambling based on AI and neuroscience.

What products or solutions have you presented at showcase area?

We are presenting our Mindway Solution Suite creating safe customer journeys. Solutions for identifying, preventing and intervening in at-risk and problem gambling. The three pillars in Mindway Solution Suite are: GameScanner, Gamalyze and GameChanger


The award-winning technology behind GameScanner is an artificial intelligence solution harvesting the newest knowledge in neuroscience which identifies problem gambling behavior with the same performance as expert psychologists. GameScanner learns by observing real human experts as they meticulously assess and compare every aspect of the individual customer's gambling history. This gives GameScanner the unique ability to weigh different indicators of controlled as well as addictive behavior, the same way experienced psychologists do every day. This also gives GameScanner the important ability to explain its decisions.

Experts give clearly understandable reasons for their assessments, which the AI behind GameScanner in turn picks up and uses for evaluating new customers. GameScanner provides not only a human-matched risk score but also gives interpretable reasons which form the basis of communicating with customers either automatically or via the operator's customer care team. The real advantage, of course, is that GameScanner continues to learn, keeps up-to-date with current neuroscience and psychological practice and refines customer dialogue. (https://mindway-ai.com/products/gamescanner/)


Gamalyze is a self-test, presented to the customer as a card game with 80 cards that need to be turned. The purpose of the game is to maximize the win. During the game, decision making is analyzed, using validated neuroscientific principles. The analysis provides deep insight into gambling behavior, thus identifying key characteristics associated with problem gambling. (https://mindway-ai.com/products/gamalyze/)


GameChanger is a game that consists of a sequence of gambling and non-gambling pictures that are shown one after the other. ​The purpose is to only click on non-gambling pictures as fast as possible and keep from clicking on gambling pictures. The game has different levels of difficulty, making it suitable for training continuously for a period of time. (https://mindway-ai.com/products/gamechanger/)

Have you participated at any of the networking events held at the summit? If so, in which?

Yes, we have attended the networking event regarding Responsible Gambling. Furthermore, we have two demos on our solutions and approach to Responsible Gambling based on AI and neuroscience. Both demos are recorded and can be seen afterwards.

What is your opinion on the current situation generated by the pandemics?

Obviously, this Covid-19 situation is a challenge in the different sectors of the gaming industry, with WFH, lockdowns, no sports etc. Furthermore, as everybody needs to stay at home my guess will be, that the focus on responsible gambling and solutions in this area will increase. We have already seen such steps and measures been taken by regulators and operators a lot of places. I think that this focus on how important the ability to identify and prevent problematic gambling behavior is, will only increase even further in the future.

How do these type of events contribute to the gaming industry nowadays?

For us we saw this digital event as an opportunity to meet and network not being able to travel to a physical event. Let's see how this new alternative way to "meet" will develop in the future, when we hopefully will be to travel again sometime in the future.