29 July 2020
SoloAzar Exclusive

´Online Sports Betting Management´, one of the masterclasses that will be highlighted at GAT Virtual Expo

(Colombia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Hugo Llanos, who has more than 13 years of experience in the sports betting industry and specializes in the operational part, will be in charge of providing the masterclass "Online Sports Betting Management", organized by Totally Gaming Academy in the next edition of the innovative GAT Virtual Expo (from October 13 to 15). In an exclusive interview for SoloAzar, he spoke about his expectations for this novel event and the current events in the sector.

How have you received the news of your participation as speaker in one of GAT Virtual EXPO masterclasses? What are your expectations for this innovative event?

Most of the info about the industry is available in other languages so when I heard about the plan of offering it in Spanish I must say I was very happy. I’m very excited and proud to be able to participate, this time as a speaker and with a focus on Latin America.   Besides, let’s keep in mind that this is a well-known company, leader in training and professional development within the industry. I hope these virtual classes continue since it is extremely important to stay updated and aware of new tendencies for the iGaming industry.  

The Masterclass is called: “Sports Betting Management”, What will be the main topics to be addressed there?

Together, we will cover everything related to a sportsbook and keeping the focus on our region, we will learn which are the key players within the industry, operating models, strategies for user acquisition, segmentation, understanding odds and risk management.

Who is the intended audience for this Masterclass and what is the objective?

This Masterclass is intended to guide managers, entrepreneurs, directors and everyone who may already be or is looking at getting into the sports betting industry.  We will have a brief introduction at sports betting in general and go through the things that must be taken into consideration when operating a Sportsbook. We will also talk about what we can do in order to be competitive and what are the tendencies for the bookmakers within the region.

How has the lack of events due to Covid-19 pandemic influenced the sports betting industry? How have operators in general dealt with the situation?

It is definitely a scenario that nobody could have foreseen and that hit the industry very hard. The turnover hit a low point and was almost at a third or what we normally had. The interesting thing about this is that it gives us the chance to reinvent ourselves, innovate, and allows the evolution of new ideas and new paths to come.  Other products and sports, such as e-Sports or Virtual Sports gained popularity and is part of the things that are being pushed forward at the moment.

What is the situation in Latin America for the iGaming industry? Is there progress regarding regulation? How do you see the future of the industry in the region?

Latin America has a huge potential and many bookmakers have their eyes on the region holding on for what happens in terms of regulation. About this, Colombia has set a very important precedent, under which you could have a regulation targeted for the region, offering security for the customers and also an opportunity for the operators to work. There are several countries in the region that are either working on a regulation or already have some sort of model in place. I am 100% positive about the future of the industry in the region.

What will be your advice to companies that want to invest and operate a Sportsbook in Latin America?

Flexibility! Many may think of Latin America as one big country and in some ways that is correct, but we must keep in mind that even though we all speak the same language and may share some customs and traditions, each country is still different. The way of speaking in Mexico is very different from how people speak in Peru or in Uruguay.  While in south america football is king, if you go to central America you will find more baseball fans or more towards US Sports in Mexico. Each country may have different betting patterns or deposit methods. It is the customer who will determine the approach we give to our offer.

GAT Virtual Expo 2020

We are an event created with the aim to show the potential of companies or brands in B2B business, and generate qualified contacts for buyers and investors in the gambling industry in Latin America. We will have high-quality academic content for operators interested in updating and acquiring new knowledge. GAT Virtual Expo 2020 will be developed in a 3D platform with avatar experience, using digital marketing tools for virtual business events, seeking the growth and updating of the offer of providers and operators in all gaming verticals.