31 July 2020
United States
SoloAzar Exclusive

"We have created an online event that will be a unique game-inspired experience in 3D:" Allegra Fox, CEC Conference

(United States, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Allegra Fox, Director of Marketing and Education at Casino eSport Conference, granted an interview to SoloAzar about CEC conference, a single event that draws speakers and attendees from the esports, casino, college and cinema worlds to give an overall understanding of how to monetize the video gaming and esports industries. It will be held next September 29-30.

What have been the main challenges that you had to deal with when organizing the virtual edition of the show, considering the situation generated by COVID-19?
Our main challenge in moving our event online is to come up with a format that would be different than what everyone else is doing.  We need it to stand out from all the other conferences who are also being forced into the same space - to combat " Zoom fatigue" if you will.  We also need our online format to retain all of the networking value contained in the land-based event.  The challenge then was to utilize an online venue that would be unique, functional and easy to use without requiring cumbersome downloads or computer software configurations.

The event will offer the same content, networking and exhibits in a 3D environment. What are the main features of the platform?
The format we have created for our online event is quite novel from what other conferences are doing.  Our mission is to bring more technologically forward gaming based option to traditional entertainment venues.  We feel that the technology we use in our virtual conference must reflect this commitment to modern technology and gaming psychology.  To this end, we have created an online event that will be a unique game-inspired experience in 3D.  As an Attendee you will walk around the event in avatar form.  Your name will float above your character's head.  Others who are walking through the hall can approach you and immediately access your LinkedIn Profile. 

They can then chat with you using text, voice or video.  If you want to meet with a group of people, that is easy to do as well.  Sponsors will have virtual booths.  When you approach you will be able to view a video or slideshow about the product, access meaningful URLs, and ask questions of the personnel staffing the booth.  You will be able to chat with the others perusing the booth as well, just as if you were in a land-based event.  The educational portion of the event will allow for "raised hands" so that audience members can participate in the discussion or ask questions. There will even be a virtual dance floor where you can party with fellow attendees at the mixer.

Our expectation is that our unique approach will not only allow people to create the meaningful business connections and gain the education they expected from the land-based event, but that they will have fun doing it.  Perhaps they will even gain some insight into how gamification can find a place in their own business models.

What are the main characteristics of the show? What areas of the gaming and entertainment industry does it include?
The educational aspect of our show is always front and center of the CEC. We have over 50 experts who can speak to all aspects of esports and video gaming entertainment for the casino, college and cinema industries. It is the only conference covering the legal, policy, and regulatory dimensions of getting into this new form of gaming and entertainment. We are in our fourth year, and the curriculum and networking are only getting better and more finely honed to provide unparalleled value in navigating the opportunities in this emerging new market of entertainment.

What are the main novelties for the upcoming edition? What are your expectations?
This year we are going in to greater depth in the challenges and benefits of incorporating interactive and skilled games into traditional casino venues. We have high-profile experts ready to impart vast knowledge as to investment and finance, legal, technology, esports, skilled games, payment systems and hosting and monetizing.  We were planning on including an entire room of VR, AR and other highly technological interactive experiences to exhibit - but this is not yet possible in a virtual environment without sending everyone special equipment, unfortunately.