3 August 2020
SoloAzar Exclusive

Online gaming management to be a topic of interest at GAT Virtual Expo masterclasses

(Colombia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Sebastián Perrier, who has more than 10 years of experience in managing online gaming operations in Latin America, will be a speaker at “Online gaming basics” one of the masterclasses organized by Totally Gaming Academy in the next edition of the innovative GAT Virtual Expo (from October 13 to 15). SoloAzar interviewed him exclusively about his intervention and the current situation in the sector.

How did you receive the news of your participation as a speaker in one of the GAT Virtual EXPO masterclasses? What are your expectations for this innovative event?
I have received the invitation with great enthusiasm and honored for the recognition. There is a great need for training in the iGaming industry, and with 10 years of experience in the field, we have developed, together with the Clarion Totally Gaming Academy, Spanish language courses that are of great value to gaming entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Latin America.  As for the GAT Virtual Expo event, my expectation is high, since I have seen the tool that is going to be used for the virtual and 3D tour that is surprising. It manages to imitate a real experience and above all, it allows the assistant to interact in a very dynamic way with other participants. A great initiative in which I see a lot of future and I wish the best of success.

The conference is called: "Online Gaming Basics" Which will be the main issues to be treated?
During this theoretical and practical course, you will develop skills and knowledge about running an efficient online gaming business and the strategies to employ when faced with various challenges, including:

-Understanding the fundamental pillars to define a strategy and proceed to the management of an online gambling operation.
· Criteria for choosing a gaming platform, providers and online payment methods.

Understanding the different channels, tactics and activities to acquire and retain customers, as well as generate loyalty; creating an effective and balanced marketing strategy. Who is the class adressed to and which is its goal?
The course is intended for: C-level executives and middle managers, product managers, analysts and VIP player managers, Marketing managers, customer service managers, risk, fraud and payment departments and financial accountants / managers, among others key officials for the operation.

Online gaming is in constant growth in Latin America. Which are the latest advances in regulation and what do you think would be the ideal or model to follow for countries that do not yet regulate it?
Online gaming has been growing steadily in the last 20 years, at a double digit rate worldwide. It is not something new, it is not the future; it is past and present. The current situation of COVID19 has exposed those who were already prepared with their online offers and who were not. Of course, regulation is essential to take this step, but it is something that in Mexico and Colombia has already established itself as an industry and activity; it is no longer something new, it is something consolidated. Each country will follow its own model, there is no one ideal model that suits all markets. For example, in Argentina each province has gone its own way and in several of them there are already consolidated and successful operators, contributing much in taxes to their respective Provinces. The important thing is not to let yourself be and start the journey online as soon as possible, because it is a reality, it is a technological wave that advances and grows, it is not possible to conceive of being left out.

What would be your advice to companies that want to invest and operate online games in Latin America?
Making an online gambling operation profitable is very complex and there are several financial, operational and legal risks. Likewise, there are several challenges related to the different jurisdictions, one must also understand the commercial dynamics; It would be very easy to base your model on delivering bonuses and negotiating with affiliates, but that will not generate long-term financial benefits. My recommendation would be, before making a decision, to participate in the course. This will expand your skills and knowledge to maximize the performance of an online gaming operation.

Based on your experience in managing online gambling operations, do you think that online gambling is a complement or competition to on-site casinos?
It is a complement, without a doubt it is. The behavior and experience of the online player is very different from that of a physical casino. That is why they complement each other, both in game hours and days, as well as in profitability and customer satisfaction and their need for entertainment. For example, an online user has the ability to place a live bet on a specific sporting event from his pocket: using his cell phone while walking to the bus stop. On the other hand, when a user decides to go to a physical casino, he already takes into account other decisions, such as: his clothing, the time it takes to go to the casino, the possibility of having a nice dinner, music, setting, shows, among others. That is why they are very different entertainment activities and therefore they are complementary.

GAT Virtual Expo 2020

We are an event created with the aim to show the potential of companies or brands in B2B business, and generate qualified contacts for buyers and investors in the gambling industry in Latin America. We will have high-quality academic content for operators interested in updating and acquiring new knowledge. GAT Virtual Expo 2020 will be developed in a 3D platform with avatar experience, using digital marketing tools for virtual business events, seeking the growth and updating of the offer of providers and operators in all gaming verticals.