24 August 2020
SoloAzar Exclusive

Altenar, Silver Sponsor of GAT Virtual Expo: ´LatAm is a priority for us´

(Colombia, SoloAzar Exclusive).- Following Altenar's confirmation as Silver Sponsor of GAT Virtual Expo (October 13-15), SoloAzar interviewed its Business Development Manager, William Lozano, who commented on his expectations for this pioneering event in the region and spoke about the present of the company.

What are the expectations for GAT Virtual Expo, an event that is presented as a great innovator for the industry?

The expectations are good, we are getting used to this type of presentation and we have done very well. The innovation is that the 3D format that the event presents is more dynamic; it is like being at the event in person. We hope it has a good reception and that it is the conducive setting for doing business, this format may set a precedent for future virtual events.

How was Altenar's decision to support GAT Virtual Expo as a silver sponsor?

We have always had a presence in Colombia. Since we entered this market, a few years ago, we have always believed in it and therefore we do our best to be in every event that has to do with our business. Before the pandemic, we had spoken with GAT about a large presence of Altenar in Cartagena, with a large investment as a sponsor, but what we all know happened. Then they told us that, in any case, GAT management had considered making a virtual exhibition. Of course we were interested in the idea and, from the different options presented, we chose the SILVER sponsor since it not only allows us to have a presence as sponsor in the event, but also combines with a banner on the virtual GAT website. We are with a banner in SoloAzar, we will be in an Email Marketing with hundreds of contacts. In the same way we have a presence in media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Facebook. In short, we believe that it was worth making a good investment in this type of sponsorship because we are ALTENAR.

You have already made a recognition of the platform, what caught your attention the most?

Yes, of course, I personally did it and I really liked it. As I said before, this presentation is dynamic, a little different from the others, it has avatars that can distract a bit from the monotony and perhaps the boredom that these types of events sometimes become. Functions are easy to understand and you get to the key points of the event or to the stages in a fast way. I like it because it is simply different.

How is the current situation of Altenar in the region?

Altenar's current situation is excellent. We have built a reputation in the region for being a serious company that delivers what it promises. Altenar is perhaps today one, if not the first sportsbook provider with the most presence in the region, and this is due to the strategy that, from the beginning, the management of the company outlined as important for the business: LatAm is a priority for us and we know how to act in each of the countries of the region.

What are the plans for the future and how could they manage the present and future of the company in the face of an unpredictable situation such as the one that occurred globally this year with Covid-19?

It is no secret to anyone that the sector suffered so much, we still do, but the reactivation of football and other sporting events was a relief for many of the operators. We suffered the same, our income decreased in those months, but I can tell you that I never thought that any employee of the company could lose their job. On the contrary, some new incorporations were made and this really tells a lot about Alternar as a company. The present is brilliant for us because we have had requests for information about our products and services, they ask us for demos of our Back End. For example, these days several agreements with international operators have been closed, and will be announced later. We must continue working, correcting what may not be right, innovating and investing in resources, in human talent, which is essential to be at the forefront of the best sports betting providers in the world, that is ALTENAR.

GAT Virtual Expo 2020

We are an event created with the aim to show the potential of companies or brands in B2B business, and generate qualified contacts for buyers and investors in the gambling industry in Latin America. We will have high-quality academic content for operators interested in updating and acquiring new knowledge. GAT Virtual Expo 2020 will be developed in a 3D platform with avatar experience, using digital marketing tools for virtual business events, seeking the growth and updating of the offer of providers and operators in all gaming verticals.